8 Strange Breast Products For Women: Visit The Realm Of Boob Products

Stranger things have happened if we look into the past and focus on the evolutionary leaps encompassing women. There was a time when the role of women was relegated to not-being-household-heads and inconsiderable housewives bred into submissiveness.

Have Times changed? Women make fiduciary decisions all the time and there are products specifically formulated and aimed at them.

I don’t know whether it’s the dubious marketing strategy or the science of boobology is enticing all of a sudden. But there are boob products which we need to talk about.

Yes, I am talking about products that are definitely not bras. In fact, a whole range of products designed to pamper yourself. Some of them look uncalled for but there are others which are fascinating.

Breast Products

Umm, out-of-necessity-always-comes-invention types? Let’s not miss the fun in exploring the world of boobs and see how wacky and genius they can get.

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1Artificial Stick-On Nipples


These stick-on nipples are designed to make your nipples hard even if you are disinterested or cold. They come in five sizes and four colors.  I don’t know how to live with the half-baked concept for your dream nipples. Sounds pretty dumb to me!!

2Nipple Bleach


If you are worried about your nipples turning dark, this is the lightening solution for you.  Seems completely unnecessary to me. But it’s your choice if you want to go for it. Barbie-pink nipples or rosebud pink looks like the approach here.

3Boob Glue


This might seem potentially useful for those who don’t want their puppies popping out of their T-Shirts.  Plus the name “ Gravity Defying Boob Glue” sounds hilarious.

4Emergency Bra


We live in a world that is doomed to end some day. Wait, no?

We live in a world post 26/11 and if you are paranoid enough, this emergency bra seems ludicrous. Bra changing into a face mask? I think you will bide more time to escape from deadly circumstances if you carry an ordinary face mask. By the time, you get your bra off and use it as a face mask, you will have suffocated into a gassing chamber.



Sometimes your bra straps look ugly and are visible mainly due to the design of the shirt you wear. Brazing aims at making your straps look prettier by making them thicker with quirky prints. If you see this as a fashion trend, this accessory may come in handy.

6Rapibust Breast Enlargement Sheet Masks



Are n’t sheet masks apparently for your face only? Nope .

These sheet masks are designed to pamper your breasts. They claim to moisture, firm, enlargen your chest. Want to wake up with a sweet surprise? I don’t believe that they make your boobs bigger but there is no harm with a little comfort.

7Boob Towels


Ladies with larger breasts may face a nasty sweaty problem in warmer climates. These towels absorb sweat, ending all your struggles with the boob sweat. This little piece of fabric seems an amazing thing to try.

8Boob Separator Pillows


The Kush Support is designed for gals who dread their breasts touching each other when they sleep. I don’t think it’s a bad choice for those who face discomfort.

It eases your routine sleep. And prevents breast wrinkles which develop while sleeping on the side.  Seems like a comfort item after all.

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