I have been seeing much on the internet of this growing trend of homeschooling kids. Parents are starting to understand that perhaps the school education system is not as good as they thought it would be and that it does more harm than good.

Thus, parents, these days are opting to home-school their kids and adopting different styles of teaching method that are personally created to suit the comfort and potential of that particular child.

And while there might be advantages to doing so, there are more disadvantages that homeschooling your child brings.

Here are some ways that you might be doing your child more harm than good by homeschooling them:

1. Social Adjustment Can Be Difficult:

While homeschooling might allow a more personalized and centered approach to a student and allow them to bring out their potential. However, one thing the school system of teaching really teaches us is how to conduct ourselves in a social environment.

It might be difficult, for homeschooled kids, to adjust and navigate through a more crowded environment after having had the full attention of their parents put on them.

Street smarts only come when you are exposed to the kind of competitive setting that schools provide. Schools also bring together kids of same age group, which allows one to share the troubles and problems they might be facing and receive understanding since their peers are probably also going through something similar. Puberty, menstruation for girls, getting low or high scores etc create a bond between kids that might not be available in a homeschooled setting.

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2. Too Much Burden On The Parents:

Or let’s be honest the burden mostly falls on the mother since as per patriarchal system the father even still has to be the bread earner of the house. So while the father goes out off to work, the duty of homeschooling mostly falls on the mother and this includes taking the child to the variety of lessons and extra-curricular activities they might be part of.

This brings to light another point of how homeschooling is not just about keeping the kids at home instead it involves being even more active since the child still must get the basic education.

Homeschooling can also be really difficult if one of the partner is not being cooperative or the couple is going through a separation.

3. Quality Of Education:

In a school, one teacher dedicates themselves to one particular subject and usually is expected to be updated and have complete knowledge of that subject only.

In a homeschool setting, certain parents might try to teach their kids all the subjects on their own, which could not just be overwhelming for the parents but also affect the quality of education being imparted.

Imagine one parent trying to teach science, mathematics, English, history, and the other myriad of subjects that are important for a student to learn.

Resources might also be limited along with gaps in education that a parent might find difficult to fill in.

4. Can Hide Abuse:

A more serious and grave reason to not homeschool kids could be that it can be used to hide any abuse being done on the child.

Since there is no outside organisation supervising the child, or teachers and professors to observe anything fishy going on, homeschooling can be the perfect way to hide any evidence that a child is being abused.

And it does not have to be limited to physical abuse, but mental and emotional too are included. It can be quite difficult for the parent to separate their role of being a parent and being a teacher and could, in turn, have a direct and negative impact on the child’s self-esteem.

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