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A Ride Through The Mind Of The Great Indian Civilian

The complications in the life of an average Indian is comparable to the length of the title of this article.

By Riddhi Tyagi

The complications in the life of an average Indian is comparable to the length of the title of this article. So, what is that the Mango people in this Banana Republic think? What is it that bothers us the most? What is it that makes us the happiest? And, ahem, if you thought our brains functioned like anyone else, then you’re mighty wrong!

If you are an average citizen around the world, issues that hassle you the most are umm.. well

1) How do I compete in class?

2) Is this the right person for me?

3) Will the new government keep its promises?

4) What the hell is covfefe?

But hey, hey, welcome to India and suffer no more! Before all this pops up into our heads, we are much more concerned with well, here is what the situation is like-

1) ‘papa ke paas donation layak to paise hai to fir itna padhke ho jana chahie..’


‘Agar first nahi aaya to papa marenge……’ (A far more reasonable reason btw)

2) mummy papa strict to arrange varna love (marriage)

3) Ye nayi gormint bas tax maaf karde!

4) Ye mitron… mitron… kya hai?

If you live with your eyes and ears open these days you know what the situation in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi-NCR is like. Also, if you lived with eyes and ears open some days before that then you must also know what kind of situation in Haryana remained in light of the Jat Andolan.

indian civilian

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Also if you kept your eyes and ears open before that, you know what? Keep them always open because then there is beef ban and there is award wapsi and then there is Sssshh Ssshh ‘say nothing against the government’.

But never keep your minds open, because then you would start realizing and comprehending that we invest more time on things like these than addressing issues like poverty or unemployment or how to combat terrorism. Do not let your brain function that way because who knows if you think and if you bring a change? And who needs change by the way?

Haven’t we been taught to be afraid of this? A country is not pulled back because of it being poor or uneducated. It is pulled back if the well-to- do, educated people of the country behave like none. What have we trained our people to become?

indian civilian

To support a so-called god man who is convicted of a heinous crime? To never actually support the government, and also be the first ones to blame? And then let’s not forget the daily struggle. Because ‘welcome right to privacy’ but its 2017, where were you before? I do not deny the existence of great changes happening in our society but is this our condition that we needed the Supreme Court of the country to say ‘no one shall keep a tab on what one wears or eats or says or makes love to’?

indian civilian

Should we let the mob decide what our country is like?

No, we should not, because we cannot let some uneducated, polluted minds who burn people down represent the country of Tagore and Gandhi. Because we must not let them have control of what we do.

Simple logic: I don’t want to smoke, I don’t want to passively either!

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