Modern Feminism Is Only For Rich People, It’s The Poor Who Actually Suffer

Nobody talks about Malala Yousafzai because it's not cool to get shot at for fighting regarding a cause which had to ensure female education in a terrorism-inflicted country.

Modern feminism is a modern joke. And I’m not even shy in admitting it.

The rich ones sitting in the comfort of their velvety curtains and silk sheets get to talk about issues which make no sense to the ones deprived of 3 meals a day.

They “raise awareness” and “protest online” about not getting seats in the metro, about deodorants being labeled as male or female, about fashion being classified as male or female, about gender fluidity and I could go on for about 5 hours to detail their bullshit causes.

Modern feminism, the direct representation of the 3rd wave of feminism has had its fair share of detractors for the same reason. We’ve had economic segregation to an extent that the issues pertaining to feminism as an umbrella movement have themselves segregated as per the economic structures of the victims.

Here, the victims are the women who have the luxury of buying the latest fashion products and the balls to call themselves oppressed if their parents worry about them coming home on time.

Here’s where it gets dangerous:

The idea of perpetual oppression among women has been widely shared in most institutions where people get education from; schools and colleges alike. This idea has been methodically (or perhaps unbeknownst to the ones imparting the education) distributed that the ones who aren’t oppressed act like they are to blend in and validate their cause of apparent greater good.

Here’s where it gets disgusting:

The consequences of modern feminism being categorically useful are brutal.

Nobody talks about REAL problems:

Problems like rural domestic violence, female foeticide, dowry threats, marital rape, female sanitation and sexual health, Nikah Halala, female literacy rate, female representation in electoral bodies.

People find it much more progressive to branch out feminism with other LGBTQ movements and thus derail the root cause of feminism itself which in Layman terms is simply about achieving equality.

I understand that the song “Bolna Aunty Aau Kya” offended you and you have all the right to rant about it. It’ll fetch you likes, shares and validate your worthless self.

What I don’t understand is that how are your actions beneficial to any woman inside or outside your home?

I understand that you wish to get a dog once you’re married.

What I don’t understand is the public humiliation a guy has to face for rejecting your marriage proposal over it just because he didn’t want to get a dog, only because you posted screenshots on Facebook?

Read About This Incident, Here: ‘Rejecting A Guy Over A Pet Is Not Heroic’: Skewed Concepts Of Pseudo Feminism & Shaming Men

Online platforms are a funny place.

Any comment can be over analyzed to detect gender-affiliated undertones with it and can be regarded as mansplaining /male chauvinism or simply good ol’ sexism.

Talking about economic structures defining modern feminism:

Let’s highlight 2 crisp examples.

Taylor Swift has become a messianic example of modern feminism for teenage women with her “I’m a victim” propaganda and a list of about 20 boyfriends, out of which seemingly all 20 were wrong and she is the right one.


She has successfully become a White supremacist who has perpetrated the idea of Caucasian feminism, maginalizing the black women of USA and the racial abuse they face and has halted a blooming liberation movement, successfully destroying the basic ideals of feminism.

Coming to India, Kangana Ranaut’s rants about being “independent”, “being cheated by men” and portraying “off-beat” roles (basically a woman who feels its liberating to come home drunk at midnight) have painted an image of her as the poster girl of modern feminism in India.

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A few weeks ago, nobody knew nepotism. Now, they can’t stop screaming her name.

It’s not as if nepotism exists only in the film industry. But feminist Kangana doesn’t care because she has a vagina and that’s the pinnacle of freedom.

Nobody talks about Malala Yousafzai because it’s not cool to get shot at for fighting regarding a cause which had to ensure female education in a terrorism-inflicted country. Nope.

Nobody talks about Beyonce because how can we tolerate a successful Black woman?

Real problems are never talked about. Statistical data might have you convinced or fooled. But problems entrenched deep within the society, especially in countries like India where we are still struggling to compensate our sex ratio (940 per 1000) are visible to us but our blessed asses tend to ignore them.

Anyway, you can go on and hate me for the article. I’m fine with educating my sisters to be responsible and my brothers to always respect women.

Gender-based deodorants aren’t my area of interest.


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