So this weekend my mom turned forty and to get her out of the ‘I’m now old’ blues, my dad decided to take her out of the city which meant that I and my sister will be the queens of the house for an entire weekend! And you know what that means – A House Party of course!

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Now since I was the host, I had to put up with a lot of nonsense and puke cleaning– which further made me realise how important it is to be equipped with techniques that’ll keep your party under control. So here I jotted them down for you. Check them out:

  1. The One Who Came Only For Getting Bhand

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So this creature might or might not know you, but he or she has only one sole purpose to arrive at this party- Getting ‘Bhand’.

They will drink and get inebriated and well that’s about it. They don’t care much about anything else, so they don’t cause much harm. Keep the alcohol handy with them and they won’t bother you.  

  1. The One Who Came For The Food

So this one is just like the ‘Bhandi’ I mentioned above, except they binge on food. Make sure you serve food a little late and little less, else it would be extremely hard to kick them out.

And keep away the new servings from them. Isolate this creature from the rest of the gang somehow in case there’s shortage of food. 

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  1. The Bhandi Who Gets Philosophical

So this creature is an advanced version of the normal ‘Bhandi’, he or she will give you deep meaningless pieces of advice after a few drinks. It’s seriously hard to shut them up, but just ignore them. There’s no other way out, Padawan.

  1. The Couple Who Just Can’t Get Enough Of Each Other

So there’s always one pair of our friends who are seeing each other. They would either be deeply in love or deeply in some sort of fight that took place the night before the house party.

Either way, they will ruin the essence of the party so just roll over a bucket of water over them to get them out of the self-absorbed life of theirs. JK, sit in between them and keep playing Truth or Dare.

  1. The One Who Will Get Munchies At 2 AM

Believe me, it is so darn annoying. They will really mess you up man, so keep some liquorice or coco puffs handy for them, always. I’m seriously telling you this- Host to Host. Don’t think that once the dinner is over, it is over, because it is not over.  

  1. The Devdas

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Devdas are inevitable at any house party. They will be there, in some corner, hiding and unleashing that sad, emotionally despair vibe. You wanna hunt this creature and take away their alcohol immediately. Put somebody on Devdas patrol. Do something but don’t let this creature get powerful else they will seriously kill the vibe for all.

  1. The One Who’ll Play Music Nobody Knows

There’s always this one creature, to whom you let change the songs and they play this unknown song and make you listen because “Acha hai bhai, aage toh sunn, it gets better”. Argh! Nobody wants to hear your playlist tonight, let the normal party songs go on.

Don’t let them touch the sound system if you have the slightest suspicion that they’ll play some obscure song.

  1. The One Who Desperately Wants To Play Strip Games

Yes, that creature who always seeks for all sorts of strip games. This creature will try every possible way to play any sort of strip game and will mention it recursively until you actually play one. Sadly, there’s no escaping to this one too.

Besides, Strip games are fun. (LOL)

  1. The One Who Says He/She Is Fine, But Is Really Not

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Arriving to the most common creature at house parties- The “I’m Fine” creature. This creature is an absolute anti of what he/she is found saying ie., ‘fine‘ because they are anything but fine.

They will exceed their liquor handling capacities and well, do everything stupid from tripping on the floor to making out with your dog and puking on your family photo. Target this creature right from the start and take special care of how much they are drinking.

  1. The Paparazzi

Beware of this one, you guys! This creature will document each of your debaucheries and you know what that means. The countless beer pongs trials, drunk dancing, and drunk singing. You name it, they’ve taped it. Make sure, there’s nobody like that at your party.

You’re living in the moment and that’s how it should be.

Image result for house partyWell, that was about it for the guide to deal with ten type of party creatures at a house party. There must be some more, but more or less they stick around to these genres only. A party is a great time to make memories and make sure you don’t miss out on them. In the end, all we remember is the fun we did, not the classes we attended.


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