Why Sarahah Is A Mirror For Today’s Generation?

Sarahah or ‘honesty’ as its meaning go, is the biggest viral app that allows one to leave feedback anonymously on a certain person’s profile.

The app that is available on both iOS App Store and Google Play in both Arabic and English has in a very short time attracted a massive amount of attention to itself.


One of the reasons for its popularity is the simple and easy to use interface of it, where after downloading the app you just share your ID with your contacts and afterward you will receive messages or feedback anonymously.

I believe one of the reasons why the app is going viral is because it feeds the ever growing attention hungry narcissist that lives in today’s current generation.

It fills that need of people giving us attention while at the same time giving us an excuse to feel sorry for ourselves.

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In a way, Sarahah has proved to be a perfect mirror for today’s generation and what kind of generation are we.

The Bad Side Of It All

As it goes with most things that go viral and especially have an anonymous factor to them, even Sarahah did not take long to attract the cyber bullies to it.

From being cursed and told vile things to getting rape and death threats, this app has it all and it shows exactly how quick people are in pouncing on the first chance to vent out their frustration and anger especially when they cannot be held accountable for it.


Having grown up in an increasingly public and social atmosphere, what with apps and websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, most of the current generation is not just used to, but a large majority actually thrives on the attention they are able to get from literally any person in the world. In short, today’s generation seeks constant public validation on practically everything they do.

We are used to being judged and dissected and being commented on and to a certain level, most of the generation like this attention they get. I believe it makes them feel needed and worth something, two traits are extremely common in today’s generation.


But it also leaves them susceptible to hate comments and trolls who are just looking to start a fight for their own amusement and have no investment in that matter or person.


Sarahah, although started with a noble intention of self-development, is attracting these crowds in large quantity. It also doesn’t help that the sender can be anonymous and that just gives these kinds of people a shield to hide behind and gain more power from.

But Not All Is Bad

But as with all things, there is a flip side to even this app and just like it has the negative side, people have come out with good experiences of using Sarahah too.


For some, it has truly been a way to improve themselves based on the feedback they got. From messages praising the person or wanting to get back in touch with them and more, people have had a positive impact from this app.

Some have actually gotten good and constructive feedback and found ways to improve either their personality or their work behavior and become a better person.

And for some of the commenter’s the anonymous angle actually works since it allows them to be more open with their words without having to be conscious of their name being out in the open for all to see.

Thus in a way, Sarahah is a perfect mirror of the current generation. There are both bad and good sides to it, and ultimately it is all subjective from person to person. How you take it and how a person send it because at the end of the day you have to know what you signed up for and in that manner be prepared for whatever you get. The good and the bad.

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