5 Potential Trades And Transfers For Cleveland Cavaliers In 2017-18 (Video)

I think it’d be too soon to say that the Cleveland Cavaliers are in a crisis.

Yes, sure. They have their problems on the defensive end and their lapses cost them a title against the not-so super team (looking at you, LeBron) of Golden State Warriors, aided by their newly added star Kevin Durant.

But it’s better late than never and now might just be the time to shake things up and as LeBron has previously acknowledged that the Cavaliers are top-heavy, they may need to make some changes in the squad here and there.

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So, for your consideration.

We take a look at the top 5 potential transfers for the Cavaliers in the 2017-18 season in this short video:

Now, it’s evident that most of it is major speculation but it’s no surprises that it is only speculation that leads to concrete, season-defining deals!

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