SexED: You Will NOT Miss The Period Pain That This Device Chases Away

All that “unnecessary” talk about women’s bodies and periods is finally bearing fruit: an Israeli company has come up with a non-invasive, wearable AND cute device to get rid of the agony of cramps – popularly known as: PERIOD PAIN.

In the olden days, others have tried… Pharmaceutical companies came up with painkillers, moms and grandmothers offered hot water bags or towels. But this wide range of ‘solutions’ didn’t quite solve the problem entirely. Painkillers are slow and sometimes ineffective; they are also bad for the nerves. Hot bags become cold.

So this startup tried something new.

They are calling it “Livia: The Off Switch to your Menstrual pain”. Zvi Nachum invented the small, pretty and functionally efficient device in 2013. It’s quite smart, and removes the pain instantaneously.

All one needs to do is stick the gel pads to wherever it hurts: front or back. Clip the main pod to the waistband, turn it on, and be good to go. It’s discreet and comes in multiple colors of skins – inspiration may (or may not) be from macaroons!


It is rather notable that the idea came from a man, considering that the community tries to keep the males away when the woman is “in heat”.

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How does it work?

The technical term is “Gate control theory”. What it really does is simply give out electrical impulses to the nerves, which keeps them from receiving the pain signals from your brain. This is painkilling from the outside!

The fancy fighter

If nothing else, this little Period-Pod is definitely cute. As promised in its promotional video, it’s better than most other methods of reducing the pain. However, it’s effectiveness is questionable unless it is released in the market. And for Indian women, it will take yet longer to give a judgment because everything comes to us later in life.

However, in one particular clip (0:13) the “nice” lady talks about how pain affects fun activities like tanning on the beach. Now, though Livia seems like a good solution for most times, I wouldn’t wear it with the bikini lest I’d want people to ask about the flowers above my flower.

Livia is yet to be in a mass production stage. The company launching the product made a smart move by assessing public demand by asking for crowd-funding via donations, and now they have managed to collect nearly $183,000 which is actually 3.7 times what they aimed for.

Donations are open for another two months, so if you want to try it, go ahead and shell the pockets!

Image Credits: Google Images

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