I Plan To Not Use Internet For The Next 2 Weeks, Here’s How I Plan To Survive It

For all of you, who’ve clicked on the link to read this humble post, beware! For not so long ago, I was one of you. I too had a working internet connection.

But then, I exhausted the meager GBs of my bundled plan subscription. And needless to say, life hasn’t been rosy since then.


After days of procrastinating drafting my college report, by downloading softwares I *might* use some day, watching Ellen’s videos on loop (Damn you autoplay!), reading every Game Of Thrones fan theory out there, stalking people-who-shall-remain-unnamed on Facebook  and guffawing over TVF Pitchers for the umpteenth time (Did you see the finale? No Spoilers, ‘kay?)

Sorry I digressed. So, anyhow, I realized that the usage meter was aiming for the sky.

‘Bloody cheats!’, I cursed my service provider. I couldn’t have used THAT much internet, could I? That too within 15 days of the billing cycle.

So, short of crawling the next 2 weeks with an internet speed slower than file transfer rates, there wasn’t much I could do. Except, I could have a life without internet.


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Thus I decided to get my social act in order and go internet free the next 2 weeks.

Here are a few ideas I have to survive until then:

  1. Read, read and read:

Better a book than a Facebook rant to keep me company on those long metro rides.


  2. Catch up with friends:

Not the ‘Hey! Been SO long. Let’s catch up!’ Whatsapp plan that always tanks but a calling up a friend ‘Hey! I’m outside your home. Open the door’ kind of plan.


  3. Watch old movies with mom:

Pretty Woman or Sleepless In Seattle. (Romedy Now ALWAYS plays them)

Padosan or Chupke Chupke.  (Zee Cinema ALWAYS plays them)

Her pick.


  4. Cleaning up:

Bags, study table, cupboard, messy-wires-drawer. Gotta catch ém all.


  5. Making lists:

Prioritizing stuff to do once my net is back up and running.

  • Watch the VMAs
  • College Report

life without internet

  6. Some more organizing:

My Downloads folder is Bermuda’s Triangle. When did I download THAT now?


  7. Old school gaming:

Thank God I had the sense to download Pocket Tanks earlier this week.


  8. Attend events and fairs:

There’s a Stationery Fair ongoing at Pragati Maidan. I’m pretty sure there’s something equally exciting in your city too. Go, find out.



Tell me what else to do except get bored out of my wits without the internet. Trust me, I’m game for all your suggestions.

PS: It took 2 hours to upload this article on a 2G connection, so you better enjoy it!

Image Credits: Google Images

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