Travelling is anyway not an easy task however pleasurable it might be. And it is definitely not as easy as movies and TV shows make it out to be.

Do you know how much planning and work goes into taking even a 3-day trip?

It is definitely not as easy as a pie as many just packing your bags and booking a ticket.

You have a to a lot of things into consideration, the first being getting adequate time off from your job, then booking your travel plans and looking for accommodation and all that on a certain budget.

Because not all of us can be Ambanis.

But, things are not as bleak as one might think them to be, as today we have a plethora of travel apps that can make the whole planning and booking much more simpler.

Here are 5 travel apps that are a must for any Indian traveler:


Having had personal experience with this app, I can say that this is one app that for sure will get you the best deals on hotel bookings.

They even have a pay later option and the entire booking process is extremely easy.

2. AudioCompass:

In partnership with Ministry of India Tourism, AudioCompass has brought about this app which works as an audio guide for many different tourist attracts all over India.

One of the bonus points about this app is that it even works offline. Of course as with any app, you must use it beforehand to see how it works and all.

3. Tripigator:

Again an Indian govt. affiliated app but it is considered to be quite a good trip planning and organizing app when travelling within the country.

The user interface is pretty easy to use and its feature of adding in your destination, budget, interests and more to create a customized itinerary sure ups its usefulness.

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4. RedBus:

If you are on a budget and plan to travel by bus, then RedBus is a must-have travel app.

It has an extensive list of buses, prices, timings, and is extremely user-friendly. The app also allows you to choose the seat of your choice and shows which bus services are popular and safe to use.

It also provides bus services to even remote places in India, so no issues there.

5. Glympse:

A simple and easy to use GPS location sharing app that can also be used in India. The app is highly recommended and can be used for a variety of travel issues.

The app is also available on all phone types from Android to iOS  to Windows. A good feature about this app is that you can decide when to stop sharing your location details.

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