Things You Do To Leave Office One Hour Early

While going to office can be really good and has some of its own perks, there are also the cons with having to go to the office every single day.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, getting the salary, working on exciting projects and if by any chance you get a good boss, a fun work environment too.

But let us be honest, the routineness of office gets to us all, and there is nothing better than the chance to leave office an hour early.


So here are 5 things that I’m sure you all must have tried at least once in order to leave early from office:

1. Come In An Hour Early:

To be frank, the best way to leave office early is to arrive at office early.

At least an hour should be just fine, and not only will it create a good impression on your boss, but also the empty office will also allow you to finish your work in time.

2. Stomach Problems:

There is no better excuse than saying that you have stomach problems. Pretty sure a couple of you have even gone a bit graphic and given great detail about what kind of diarrhea you are experiencing.

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3. You Are The Caring Employee:

Oh, is your boss not looking well? They just work too much, don’t they? And of course, you being the caring employee that you are, want them to just take the day off.

Rest up and take of their health and all… you know, the usual.

In that, you also slip in yourself and grab the opportunity to leave office early.

4. Dog Issues:

Dog issues work better than child excuses even because how exactly is one supposed to say no to helping out an innocent and vulnerable animal?

I mean, just take a look at that adorable picture of the pet and your boss will melt like anything and let you go home.

5. Do An Excellent Job At Work:

Sometimes you don’t really need any excuse or manipulative thing in order to leave office early.

The best way and one that will for sure work is just doing an exceptional job at work.

Completing all your targets swiftly and before time, getting a big client, or giving a great presentation will surely have your boss literally gifting you the day off early due to the good work done by you.

So these were just a few of things that we all do in order to leave office early. The comments box is right below, do let me know there if I missed out on any excuse or if you have your own epic way of getting out of the office early.

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