The word “very” originates from the Latin word meaning true. It has been used as a point of emphasis for very long in the slanged English. But slang only goes so far in a mature world…and overuse of words like these kill the joy of the language

overuse of words

A woman would appreciate “Splendid” as a compliment to her looks over “F***ing hot”. And it’s not that difficult, really.

Most words are already there in your head, just need to be coaxed out.

So here are 14 posters created by ED that will help you replace the ‘very’ word from your vocabulary…and create an impression: 

very poor=destitute very smart=brilliant

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very roomy=spacious very quiet=silent very old=ancient very bright=dazzling very capable=accomplished very afraid=terrified very angry=furious very chilled=liberal very clean=spotless very beautiful=exquisite very big=immense very cold=freezing

Believe it or not, but DO try it.

Next time you need to present yourself, even if casually, do it well, not “very nicely”, and you will see the results transform!

Graphic Credits: Abhinav Jain

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