Japanese Students Managed To Hatch A Real Chick Out Of A Shell-less Egg

Science has always been an extremely interesting and unique field, one which has barely been scratched and still has loads more to explore.

In the name of that only, these Japanese students have managed to do the unthinkable and that- hatch an egg without its shell.

Yes. They broke the egg, took out the egg white and yolk and then hatch the chick from those 2 things without the protection of the egg shell.

Although this is not the first time such a thing is happening as even in the past, scientists have tried experimenting with see-through eggs however the hatching rate of these techniques has mostly remained below 50%.

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Scientists have prior to this tried to do something like this just to study and understand the development process of baby chicks not just to learn how they grow but also to use those observations to study techniques like regenerative medicine such as genetic engineering.

This process of ‘hatching’ an egg without its shell was first published in Japan’s Journal of Poultry Sciences in a 2014 paper which was carried out by the Oihama High School and Takanedai Animal Clinic.

And then in 2016, these Japanese high school students have successfully carried out the process resulting in a live chick.

Why Is This Process Important?

Apart from being study material for genetic studies but this process can also help out in endangered birds from going extinct.

With this process, if scientists are able to perfect it and have a high success rate, new options for bird reproduction can be sought out like IVF for birds or saving birds whose eggs have been damaged or even the ability to grow back endangered species in this artificial environment.

Watch the full process here:

A group of Japanese high-schoolers have found a way to hatch an egg, without the egg! Now biology classes can observe development while still keeping the chick alive!The clip is a segment from Japanese educational TV show "Gatten" that aired 05.18.2016. Captions, appropriately, by Spoon & Tamago (tamago means 'egg' in Japanese)

Posted by Spoon & Tamago on 5 जून 2016

Now while the segment is clearly made for TV there is still room for doubt whether the chick shown at the end is truly the one shown to be developing in the egg or not, but there has been sufficient research in this area that shows this is not entirely impossible.

And furthermore, no matter how unnatural or creepy it might look as an outsider, it is still a very advanced and potentially helpful technique that could be used to help vulnerable birds that are in danger of going extinct.

Image Credits: Google Images

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