Innocence, A Remembrance Of Childhood: Picture Story

Fondness in the smile

Curiosity lurking from their eyes,

How they clutch your fingers once in a while

Beautiful little angels in disguise.

Childhood is the most treasured season of our lives and ironically, also the one we remember least. Capturing the revered trait of innocence that is most beautifully cherished in adolescents and younglings, here is what we have :-)

Speaking eyes.


innocence, smile girl,childhoodLook out! A contagious smile.


Fatty“A big black eye is staring at me. What’s happening?” 


innocenceOnly little boys can get away with this!

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Gollu- RekhaCandidly posing and deliberately ignoring!

Red Riding Ridhima  My Best Friend, My Teddy.


SiblingsPop, Rock, Glam and Chuddy-Buddy!

Words may not do justice to the expression of an emotion but a photograph is the closest we can get to save up on these moments of sheer joy and nostalgia.

There’s joy and wonder everywhere when you the see the world through the eyes of a child.

(All photographs were taken by the author)

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