Divorcees Are Shelling Big Bucks For This Ultra Revenge Makeover

Divorce can be a trying process, where both the parties go through a lot, not only in terms of legal process but the emotional and psychological impact it has is immense.

But now women have a reason to celebrate of getting free from a bad marriage and that is ‘revenge makeover’.

Yes, a New York image consultant is becoming extremely popular for giving divorcees a faboulous makeover but for a pretty price.

And while the price is a bit on the higher side, a woman deserves something good after having to go through the harrowing process that is divorce. And obviously, the relationship before it could not have been that good.

So splurging a bit on oneself is not that wrong right?

revenge makeover

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What Is A Revenge Makeover?

The woman behind all these massive makeovers is Amanda Sanders, a New York image consultant, who charges a good $250 per hour to give newly divorced women a completely new look.

In relation to the motto of her business, Sanders was quoted saying that, “My tagline is, ‘There’s no ugly women, just lazy ones,’ which is also Coco Chanel’s quote”.

Calling herself a ‘fairy godmother’, Sanders breaks down that her services are not as expensive as say services like teeth whitening that can cost about $1,000 or a new wardrobe that can amount to a whopping $15,000 and cosmetics can come to around $4,000.

revenge makeover

Her latest customer feels that this price is worth it as this change is something that she is all about right now, with her separation and that this is something she can handle.

The process included finding a designer dress from a boutique on the Upper East Side, followed by teeth whitening and facial fillers and then off to the hairstylist and makeup artist to complete the look.

This Could Be A Good Thing?

To be frank, I don’t believe in frivolous spending, however women who have been stuck in an unhappy and quite possibly depressing relationship do deserve to feel like a new person.

Especially if you have the money to spare and are looking towards a new beginning, what could be better than a complete makeover.

This makeover is not just about altering the outward appearance, but also boosts the confidence of the divorcee herself and gives her the courage to go on her new path.

In a way, this just goes to show that women now don’t have to become a weeping and depressive mess after a divorce.

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