5 Celebrities And Their Addictions That You Might Not Have Known About

The celebrity world as glamourous as it might be is also filled with dark areas that many of us brush aside.

Celebrities have an addiction.

And that is a fact that we all must stop being surprised at. The fact that the majority of celebrities out there, whether from Bollywood or Hollywood have addictions is just a truth of being in such a competitive industry.

Here are a few such celebrities and their addictions that you might not have known about:

1. Brad Pitt

Why don’t we start with one of the most popular and the first half of the historic acronym, Brad Pitt.


As per reports, Pitt has recently come out in an interview and stated that he had an alcohol and drug problem and it was this that also had a part in his eventual separation from ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

In the interview, he also relayed that he has recently started working on these problems with therapy and more, in order to gain control over them.

2. Honey Singh:


Honey Singh is on this list, nothing new about it, but it might be for the reason you believe it is. In 2014, Singh created a lot of drama and tension when he suddenly disappeared from the public eye. There were rumours that he went to rehab for drug and alcohol addiction.

However, it was later revealed by Honey Singh himself that he was an alcoholic and also had bipolar disorder. Because of which, he was unable to be in the public much.

3. Sanjay Dutt:

This is probably the one actor who came out about his drug addiction at a time when the very word ‘drug’ was a taboo.


According to Dutt himself, there is no drug that he has not done. At an event, this is what he had to say about his addiction ‘It’s not that I started because of mom. Mera dog mar

At an event, this is what he had to say about his addiction ‘It’s not that I started because of mom. Mera dog mar gaya toh daaru pi raha hoon, aaj mera gadha mar gaya to daaru piyunga ‘ these are just excuses. Substance abuse is something that you do if you want to do it. Once you get into it, it’s very difficult to leave. It is the worst thing in the world. My journey with substance abuse has been about 12 years. There are no drugs in the world that I have not done. When my father took me to America (for rehab), they gave me a list (of drugs) and I ticked every drug on it, because I had taken all of them. The doctor told my dad, ‘What kind of food do you eat in India? Going by the drugs he did, he should be dead by now!’

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4. Apoorva and Shilpa Agnihotri:

Remember that guy from Pardes? With the really bad haircut, funny and OTT accent and of course the fact that he literally got pummeled by Mahima Choudhary?

Yeah, that very actor and his wife have also been involved in a drug controversy where they were apparently picked up by the police in a raid on a party. They later on tested positive for drugs however both have denied taking any drugs.

While Shilpa says that she was on medication to start a family, don’t know how that made her husband test positive?

5. Ben Affleck:

Ben Affleck has also very recently come in the spotlight with his admission of being in treatment for alcohol addiction and having successfully completed it.

On his Facebook page, Affleck posted that he has “completed treatment for alcohol addiction ” and that this is, ” something I’ve dealt with in the past and will continue to confront.”

I have completed treatment for alcohol addiction; something I've dealt with in the past and will continue to confront. …

Posted by Ben Affleck on 14 मार्च 2017


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