Electricity cuts, water shortage, and dreadful sun tans. Yeap! It’s definitely summers again. Basking in the sun might be a rejuvenating experience for the whites, for they travel to tropical countries like ours to score that glowing olive-brown colored skin.

But, that’s not the case for us, nope. To put it gently without making you feel like I’m harboring any racist thoughts in my mind, summers make us dark and we just don’t wanna lose our original skin tone.

Women in Delhi, covering their faces with scarves to avoid the direct sun

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Not to mention, these sun rays can actually be harmful. Which is why I’ve jotted a list of some easy DIY home remedies that we all can do at our homes to avoid or get rid of the sun tans we’ll be definitely getting this summer:

  • Milk, Bengal-Gram and Turmeric

Originally known as the ‘desi’ face pack, the combination of ‘haldi and besan’ is a great way to get rid of the tanned skin.

While Bengal gram (Besan) helps exfoliate the skin and eliminate dead cells, turmeric (Haldi) is great for removing pigmentation and tanning, leaving behind a bright gold glow.

DIY: Add 2 tablespoons of Bengal gram, 1 tablespoon milk and a pinch of turmeric with few drops of rose water.

Mix properly until a thick paste it formed. Apply it on clean face and let it dry for a while.

Gently remove it with water by scrubbing.

  • Yogurt and Turmeric

While we have understood why turmeric is considered a wonder ingredient in tan removal remedies, another one at that is yogurt.

Yogurt consists of probiotics that help brighten the skin and opens pores to dug out the dirt. It also adds to the moisture of the skin and enhances elasticity.

DIY: Add a pinch of turmeric to a 4 tablespoons of yogurt.

Mix thoroughly until a thick paste is formed. Apply it on a clean face and leave it for 20-25 minutes.

Remove with water.

  • Papaya and Honey

Papain, a skin-lightening enzyme present in this delicious fruit helps bring back the beautiful glow that got lost while we were in the sun.

It also helps in removing blemishes. Honey, on the other hand, is known for its moisturizing capabilities. A mixture of these two can definitely a be good option.

DIY: A tablespoon of honey is added to a ½ cup of papaya pulp and mixed until a sticky substance is formed.

Apply it on a clean face and let it dry for half-an-hour and then wash off with water.

  • Potato and Lemon Juice

Similar to Papaya, potato also contains an enzyme called catecholase which is noted to possess skin lightening properties.

Lemon, on the other hand, offers plenty of vitamin C and helps in exfoliating. Together, they make one perfect tool to tackle that summer sun, efficiently.

DIY: Peel the skin of a potato and cut it into chunks.

Blend it in a mixer and add one tablespoon of lemon juice.

Put the mixture on the skin and leave it for half and hour. Rinse with water.

  • Tomato, Aloe and Red Lentil

Tomato reenergizes the skin while Red Lentil (Masoor dal) helps in removal of tanning. Aloe Vera is hugely popular for its medicinal properties and here it helps in healing sunburns and has soothing properties.

This mixture is one of the most effective sun tan removal remedies.

DIY: For half-an-hour, soak a tablespoon of Red Lentil in water.

Make a paste of the Red Lentil by mixing it with aloe vera gel and a tablespoon of tomato pulp.

Apply the pack on skin with a gentle massage. After 20 minutes, wash it off.

So here were few hacks that you could try at home to ditch that awful summer sun. Stay hydrated and Happy Summers!

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