Is Depression Productive? Do You Procrastinate? Then This Is For You #ChangeMakers

Depression is never an accident. It is always the by-product of a commitment to excellence and effort (replace it with productivity and the quote stands).

Productivity means getting things done. And depression, on the other hand, can sap one’s motivation to perform even the simplest of tasks, let alone tackle bigger challenges.

Well, the problem is that it isn’t depression that’s forcing us to quit work and complain about others climbing the echelons of power, it’s the attribution of depression that’s the culprit.

Writing from a personal experience, depression can become your only solution to do work that is imagined in dreams and make you the “father of management“ if you start living with it.

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The traditional definition of productive doesn’t apply when we are cribbing over things we can’t get done. Which is why when we are feeling so, we need to scale back the skew of expectations we had at the start of the day. Not taking names, I have friends who have their to-do list in their mind and when they can’t get everything done, they start cribbing.

It means accepting that you are not superman and acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses. This process can lead to two alternatives.

First, you will start going back to your normal self because you don’t have any backlog of work and you have accepted that some things aren’t in our ambit.

Second (my favourite), is that you will get so annoyed by your underachievement that you will take a shotgun and kill your competition or work/study so hard just to satisfy your ego which makes you successful eventually.2


When you are depressed, one of the most plausible reasons of the same is that you are too worried about the work load. It arises when in your mind you start visualizing the number of hours you will have to slog yourself to complete it. In college, I have friends who when think about the presentations they have to make or assignments they have to complete, end up crying over their choice of college or whining on how complicated their life is.

The best temporary solution to not let that feeling hamper your productivity for the next day is to procrastinate things. Yes. Don’t worry about deadlines, assignments, submissions, presentations at-least for that day.

Then you will be able to turn your problem (Depression) into the only solution possible. The next day you will be so annoyed and time-tight that the only way to control a nervous breakdown is to work till it’s done.


When you want to kill yourself for not completing your work on time or when your boss praises your colleague for something you couldn’t do, start magnifying the outcome. Amplify your non-fulfillment to that level when you start realizing that you are a sour loser. It means that take your depression out of proportions.

Challenge yourself in the pettiest of things.

If you are analyst, challenge yourself in understanding a balance sheet. Be as pessimistic as you can be. If you are a college student, challenge your C.G.P.A. or your certifications.

When you start realizing that you are only good for small things and aren’t a big swinging d***, then you will turn your frustration into a driver of doing something big. (And being your boss’s boss).


Today’s modern time has proven to be extremely harmful for the current generation. The social media, the constant state of ‘being online’, the competition and more have made the youth vulnerable to depression and various other issues.

But depression can become a driver for limitless personal growth and success if we start living with it and use it to complete the work which was the cause for our depression.

You can overcome it and use it to create and do something useful in a productive manner rather than allowing it to takeover everything and bring your life to a standtill.

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