Yes, There Is Another University In Delhi Apart From DU And It Might Be Taking Over Very Soon

By Mahika Verma

It’s almost March, and we know what March is famous for! Yes, the Board Exams.

Board examinations are well on their way and as we know the exams is not the real battlefield, it is only awarm upp to the real one, which is choosing which college to apply to and which university to trust.

Delhi University is obviously the most famous and preferred university. Everyone’s in the rat race to be a part of Delhi University.

But is DU the only university left for students in Delhi or even India?

The answer is an emphatic NO.

Let me tell you about another university that exists in Delhi, yes guys, there is another one here and you do have another option apart from DU. And it is of Indraprastha University: IPU.

Interestingly, it has been seen that many students from outstation opt for IPU over DU.

The demand for IPU has increased rapidly in the last couple of years. Indraprastha University is being recognized more now and it can be seen by the no. of applications that both DU and IPU are receiving.

4,90,00 forms are released from DU every year from which they receive 1.6 lakh (approx.) applications whereas IPU  sends out only about 1,48,00 forms and from that they receive 1.6 lakh (approx.) applications every year.

It’s surely clear that IPU is in demand but then still the question arises why IPU over DU?


The CET System

We all have faced that one horrifying moment where our relatives come to us and always say “ beta 12th hai tumhari, 95% lane hai warna kahi admission nahi milega “, and after these golden *insert sarcasm* words all that we are left with is PRESSURE.

Every student has that pressure of percentage because most universities offer admission on the basis of the final Board Exam result,  especially DU and their infamous cut-offs.

But IPU offers admission in professional courses on the basis of CET i.e. Common Entrance Test, which simply tests your aptitude.

IPU says that “This is done to ensure that students who fail to do well in class 12th exams get a second chance to prove their ability”. This system of CET help students gain confidence and also decreases pressure.

Professional Courses

There is a sudden hike in the demand for professional courses and the reason behind this is that these courses are job-oriented and it is easier to get employed after doing such a course.

DU offers more of undergraduate courses than professional courses. And IPU has always been in demand for its professional courses because the faculty and environment is ideal for professional courses.



DU has existed since ages and so has its infrastructure!

While the campus is good and a few colleges in DU do have renovated buildings, but for the most part, colleges in DU are in extremely dismal condition.

For a good environment that promoted studying and education, we need good infrastructure and DU does not seem to have that. And just totally opposite to that IPU offers good infrastructure and facilities that a professional course requires. Infrastructure and the campus won’t disappoint you if you’re in IPU.

And just totally opposite to that, IPU offers good infrastructure and facilities that make the student feel eager to attend college in the first place. Trust me,  you won’t be disappointed by the infrastructure and campus if you’re in IPU.


Internships And Placements

And perhaps the last but not the least positive of Indraprastha University are their great summer internships and placements. It has been a record for this university for best placements be it for BA (JMC), LAW, BBA or any other course students have received the best.

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