Suicide Skull Protest To Airlines Laptop Bans Sarcastic Things That Happened In News This Week

Sarcastic things are not always funny. And some things sarcastic in news this week did draw shock and awe from rather than all smiles. And why not, the world is going crazy and doing a pretty good turn trying to drive me crazy as well.

Here’s what the crazy world had to witness this week.


Farmers Begin Protesting With Real Skulls For Drought-relief Packages.

Governments are not very good at heeding to people when they are alive and kicking, so why not the dying use the dead to highlight the severity of the issues pressing on drought-ravaged Tamil farmers? Whether their pleas are accounted for or not, it is surely a good fight to put up.


China Plans Green Necklaces To Save Beijing’s Future.

Andy Wong

The Chinese have decided to stop squirming that they are never enough privileged to give up their third-world concessions, and are now ready to tackle their intense smog issue through the planting of green patches of trees in and around the city. Good move China.

Idea And Vodafone Merger Might Have Just Upset The Jio Plans.

MNCs have their own neat tricks when pulling out the rug from under your feet, which layman would have guessed this? What an idea Sirji!


JNU has Drastically Reduced their Number of Seats for Research Candidates. JUNTA raises their voices in protest. 

This depressed me a lot. How can they do this to us? While it is assuring that the teacher association is trying to turn tables, it makes little sense why would clamp down on people’s chances like this!


The Internet is Really Worried About Why Karan Johar Did Not Come For Aishwarya Rai Bachan’s Father’s Funeral.

Like seriously, there are better things even within Bollywood to report. The news article concluded on a self-assuring tone that they are not really frenemies and it’s all a hoax. Nobody cares, dear journalists!


Did you Know that Laptops Have Been Banned On Flights Bound to the US and the UK?

Bomb scares and international security have been cited as the reasons why these two countries are banning laptops in cabin baggage from flights inbound from some Middle Eastern countries. BBC reports, “UAE airline Emirates is offering complimentary packing and shipping services at gates to enable passengers to use their electronic devices after check-in and until boarding.”

Needless to say, people aren’t really thrilled about this, and even if logical how many things can you ban when bombs have been carried through coke cans as well?

That’s it for this week. Come back same time same place for a fresh round of sarcasm heavy news this week!

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