Google Maps Latest Update Is Now Going To Help Find Your Friend In The Next Crowded Mall

A couple of days ago, Google announced a new update they will be bringing to their Google Maps section.

The update would essentially allow people to share their real-time location with a select few people. The update will be available on both Apple Inc’s iOS software as well as Google’s Android operating system fairly soon.

The feature, in a big to enhance the quality of Google Maps and what they offer, is for people to find each other in large crowded places, like big malls, concerts, and other such areas. As according to Google, the user will have control over who they are sharing their location with as well as how long it is being shared for.

But what about privacy and the risk of someone risky getting a peek at your location, you ask?

Well according to Google, you will be notified via the app and email of the person you are sharing your location with. This allows just a bit of transparency in this, because if you know with whom your location is being shared, then you can keep track so that a stranger does not get to see it too.

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However, as with anything online, it is always a good safety measure to take when sharing someone so sensitive and ensure that you are only doing so with someone trustworthy.

Google has even made it so that you have to approve the person with whom you are going to be sharing your location with.

Along with that, there will also be an icon present in the app, which will serve as a reminder that your location sharing option has been enabled.

You will have to manually turn it off or revoke the access of a certain person if you want to stop sharing your location.

Personally, I don’t really agree with such a kind of move by Google considering that such a feature can very quickly be used for harmful and dangerous purposes too.

Google should definitely check up on the security measure they take with such a sensitive feature and only then release it to the public.

Image Credits: Google Images

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