Facebook Seems To Have Learnt Nothing From The WhatsApp Debacle

So, remember how a while ago Facebook acquired WhatsApp and we all mourned the loss of everything good in this world?

Well, Facebook had a few tricks up its sleeve and one of them was shown not that long ago when WhatsApp introduced the 24 hour Status update, which was well, not just but almost exactly like Snapchat.

And while it works for Snapchat, WhatsApp unfortunately was not able to enjoy the same popularity and immediately had to rescind the update.

But apparently it seems that Facebook has not exactly learnt its lesson from that whole debacle and has not introduced a similar feature in their Messenger wherein you can take a photo or video, edit and add features to it and then add it to your day, send it to a particular person or a group of people whatever your choice.


It Is Extremely Funny When Facebook Does This

Isn’t it funny that Facebook taking an already failed experiment and then trying it all over again at their own platform even while being completely blind to many other wrongs happening on their platform?

Like did you all know that Facebook has apparently reported a few journalists and BBC for reporting about how Facebook had not removed the sexualized images of children that were still up on their platform.

Yes, Facebook reported BBC journalists to the police for reporting about something wrong that was happening on Facebook.

Bizarre isn’t it?

And what is the failed experiment I am talking about? Well what else could it be but the same Snapchat-isque kind very conveniently called Messenger Day, where you can share a visual, be it through image or video, add various enhancements to like filters, text, and emojis and then share them with either a group or just a single person.

Oh and wait a minute, the visual will then disappear after a 24 hour period.

So Facebook, What’s Your Deal, Yo?

in order to show the public that hey, look, we are doing something new and different.

When in reality that is not really the case so much.

These 2 latest developments have me fearing that Facebook might be so involved in giving something ‘new’ out that they are letting such errors by its users slide past.

And when pointed out, are in a very bizarre manner reporting the very people who are reporting the crime being committed on their platform.

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