Drinking Whisky For The First Time- Best Keep These Points In Mind

Whisky has always stood for class and elegance, and while beer is the first thing that we youngsters experience, it is only with good whisky that we understand it all.

Every celebration is marked with a bottle of whisky being opened and it can truly make a world of difference in whether you get a good brand or not.

Now, over the years we try many different brands, flavours and the number of years it has been matured. Cultivating our own personal preference about what we want and don’t want.

But at the same time, there are certain tips that you can keep in mind when venturing into the world of whisky drinking. Tips that greatly help a beginner in choosing that right brand, which will be the best start for their journey into whisky drinking.

1. Learn Your Whisky:
Whisky comes in various forms and type, so learn the difference beforehand.

There is a difference between bourbon, scotch, rye and Irish whisky, so know the difference between them.

It will greatly help you if you know which is which before going to the store and getting overwhelmed by the many options there.

drinking whisky


2. Don’t Always Go For The Big Brand:

This would perhaps be the biggest tip to keep in mind. Big and popular brand, does not mean well made. There are many upcoming, though not as well-known brands that are giving serious competition to the more established ones.

Brands that are about intense flavours and focus on quality over anything else. One of the downside of big brands is that they are too commercialised and thus mass produced, instantly bringing down the amount of attention they give to their product.

Smaller brands are better in this regard as they make sure that each product of theirs is absolute perfection and true to what they stand for.

3. Finish:

Each brand or kind of whisky has a different finish, aroma, and taste to it. A good way would be to go to a whisky tasting and understand the different kinds of finish. Doing so will allow you to make a better and informed decision of what to choose in the end.

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4. Water or No Water:

Some might say that adding water is a sure fire way to ruin good whisky but actually, that is not true. While drinking whisky neat is fine, it will eventually numb your tongue and not allow you to taste the drink anymore.

Adding a drop of small cup of water, depending on your preference, will open up the bouquet and make sure that you enjoy the whisky till its last drop.

5. Mix and Match:

The last but not the least tip to keep in mind, if you truly want to enjoy your whisky would be that, don’t hesitate from trying different things. Mix and match, add water, don’t add it, create a cocktail if you want and even try a bunch of different whiskies.

drinking whisky

The essential thing here is that you find that perfect whisky brand for you that is just right for you.

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