Delhi Govt. To Do This To Solve The Delhi Traffic Jam Problem: Will It Work?

So the Delhi city authorities have finally, after the millions and millions of prayers and rage induced screaming matches, understood that traffic is a real problem.

Up until now, it seemed more like nothing would be done about the insane traffic that has been plaguing the roads of Delhi. Making sure that even a 15-minute journey is stretched to at least 30 to 45 minutes.

Be it the big mains roads or the small lanes of residential colonies, traffic jams are literally everywhere, worse even during the rains.

Traffic stretching up to a kilometer almost, lasting for a good couple of hours and more was becoming more and more common place than it should be.

But now, the Traffic Police has decided to actually do something about this with the installation of LED boards all over Delhi, which will keep the people travelling informed about any traffic ahead in real time.

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Delhi Traffic To Be Controlled By VMS

The system is called the Variable Messaging System (VMS) in which, LED boards about 50 at the moment, will be placed near locations that experience a lot of heavy traffic, important streets, and flyovers getting high traffic volume.

But the boards will not be placed right at these traffic heavy zones instead will be just far enough away so as to not cause any traffic if someone slows down to read the boards.

The main aim of these boards will be to reduce traffic by giving out real-time information on traffic on those routes and even suggesting alternative routes that can be taken.

The text is colour coded with ‘Red’ text meaning congestion ahead, the text in ‘green’ suggesting a less traffic-heavy detour that people can take.

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How Will The Boards Be Updated In This Case?

You must know that cops have already been sending out traffic alerts for some time now on Facebook and Twitter, well in that manner only they will have access to the VMS controls and send updates about traffic directly there.

Another team from Todapur which houses the traffic police headquarters will also be updating the displays.

On the part of the DMRC and PWD, the Delhi Traffic Police has asked them to inform them about any construction/ repair projects underway as well as any potholes on any road that have come up.

In my opinion, this is just a small step towards at least bringing the traffic just slightly under control but even still there are many other factors that contribute to the growing lines of Delhi traffic.

But definitely for a start, this seems to be an excellent move by the Delhi Traffic police and something that I have seen on my trips abroad. So to finally see this system being integrated especially when traffic has become more than a nuisance is really good.

However, maintenance and proper implementation, as well as the cooperation of other parties will be extremely necessary if this project is to result in any success.

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