No One Killed Jayalalithaa!

By Shreya Jha

The tug of war for power between Sasikala and Paneerselvam is getting uglier by the day in Tamil Nadu ever since Amma passed away.

Jayalalithaa’s death was a phenomenon in itself which has sparked a furore in Tamil Nadu’s politics. More so because no one really knows exactly how Amma died. There were speculations even before her death and they seem to continue till date.


Jayalalitha was the name that stood for power, prominence and politics in Tamil Nadu. Her death came as shock for Tamil Nadu and whole of India. The cause of death was reported to be a massive cardiac arrest which she faced all of a sudden and could not survive it.

But keeping in view the excellent medical facilities which was provided and the speedy recovery she was undergoing, was the heart attack a triggered outcome of plans to cause her untimely death or was it something which has been shrouded under the guise of a heart attack?


Jayalalitha was in the hospital for around 70 days till her death. Initial reasons for her getting admitted to hospital were an illness. What this illness was and how did she acquire it has never been known to us. It is widely believed that she complained of fever and dehydration before getting hospitalised. Nor do we know the treatment which she was undergoing.

The doctors however were on a positive note and kept announcing that her recovery was speedy. She was treated for breathing, a probable reason conveying that she was undergoing some respiratory infection. Despite the fact that everything was positive and they said and believed that she will be fine soon, she was kept in the intensive care unit of the Apollo hospital in Chennai.

The former chief minister’s medical history included diabetes and hypertension. But the conjecture surrounding her death remains…. 


1. Wrong Medications- A leaked email reportedly sent by a senior journalist brought forth the facts that Jayalalitha was given wrong medications for diabetes. The information was hacked into by a professional hacking group LEGION. Why was no one aware of it? Why did Apollo hospitals do this? How was this negligence not reported by anyone?

2. Voices from her very own AIADMK – A lot of AIADMK loyalists have supported the fact that her death was not under natural circumstances and she was murdered. A loyalist named Shihan Hosseini said that her death was plotted by Sasikala and her husband Natrajan. Senior party member and Jayalalitha’s legal adviser A.K. Pandian declared that how could Sasikala be suddenly elected as the general secretary of the party when her very own friend had dismissed her of this authority previously.

Jayalalithaa and Sasikala
Jayalalithaa and Sasikala

3. LACK OF EVIDENCES – The next part being that we had absolutely no access to her state for 70 long days. All we could know was that she is getting better or she is not well. There were no photographs released of her during those days and what we just had were what the party spokespersons had to say.

4. Why was the support system withdrawn? Who gave the hospital permission to withdraw? Jayalalitha was under ECMO which refers to extracorporeal membrane extraction for a few days. This would have helped her survive. However who was responsible for withdrawing this life supporting system from her? We don’t know.

5. Evidences of foulplay – On the night Jayalalitha had suffered cardiac arrest, Sasikala’s husband Natrajan had ordered all the party members to sign on blank A4 sized pages. There was absolutely nothing which brought forth that why they were signing them.

6. Previous instances of betrayal!  Moreover it has been alleged since long that Jayalalitha was slow poisoned with sedatives in her food by a nurse who was appointed by Sasikala. This was way back in 2012 when the Tehelka had reported that Jayalalitha on discovering this by an independent doctor had removed Sasikala the party alongwith her relatives.

7. The dirty game of politics – This conspiracy has been strengthened by the fact that when Jayalalithaa had always been surrounded by a power tussle. There are instances like the monorail project in which she was going to give the contract to a Singaporean company whereas the contract was given to a Malayasian Company on grounds of forged signature. When Jayalalithaa confronted Sasikala on it, she denied playing any role in it.

These are few of the conspiracies surrounding her death.

Given the facts and circumstances under which Jayalalithaa’s death took place, it is certain that there is much more to it than a natural cause of “heart attack”.

The whole discontent about exhuming her body and allowing it to be re-analysed further strengthens it along with the shady circumstances.

Whatever it be, the curious case of Jayalalithaa’s death prevails! 

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