These Jobs Will Vanish In The Next 50 Years And There Is Nothing We Can Do About It

By Prashansa Khandelwal

B.D.S.M. will vanish in next fifty years and that’s a fact.

But all the Fifty Shades of Grey lovers out there can heave a sigh of relief! The B.D.S.M. that I am going to talk about stands for Bartenders, Drivers, Surgeons, Mail Carriers.

A recent Oxford study estimates that all the developed nations on earth will see job loss rates of up to 47% within the next 25 years.

And since educated Indian youth has so many opportunities at hand that none of them is left without a job. This is one of the least important issues we need to address so that you can choose a smart career that will soon get extinct. (Pun intended)

Our lives are undergoing an “algorithmic turn” as major parts of our work (including decision-making abilities) are handed over to automation.

What is automation and why should we be worried about it?

In simple words, machines working independently without human interference is automation and complete automation will actually put a lot of people out of work.

“When one worker — with the help of a robot army — can do what used to require 100 worker well, you don’t need 100 workers anymore. You just need one.”

You’ll be your Cashier

Imagine scanning and applying payment for the things you buy in a retail shop all by yourself. Self-checkout (a.k.a self-service checkout) machine allows you to do exactly the same! Companies like Google and E.C.R.S. are creating these Monsters which are soon going to rule the market.  Bid bye to the job of cashiers!

jobs that will vanish

You may soon be able to play UNO with your grandchildren and drive simultaneously

MIT’S NUTONOMY self-driving taxi which has already been in business since 2013 and is currently testing driverless cars in Michigan and in the U.K. with Jaguar Land Rover aims to bring self-driving taxis to Singapore by 2018.

Driving is going to become just another leisure sport as its necessity passes into oblivion.

jobs that will vanish

Bid Adieu To Sexy Bartenders *Weep* *Weep*

Gone are the days when you could share your sad love story with bartenders while placing an order for your drinks. Meet Monsieur instead! Monsieur is an artificially intelligent robotic bartender. You get to select a drink or make your own. Monsieur picks up ingredients, blends them and makes the perfect drink for you.

Not just the bartenders, fast food workers are being replaced by robots too. McDonald’s is rolling out “Create Your Taste” touchscreen kiosks that will allow diners to custom-build their own burgers.

jobs that will vanish

Parcel delivery is going to be as old a concept as pigeon post

These minions are unmanned aerial vehicles, also called Drones. With these Amazon Prime raised a lot of eyebrows as it contemplated how safely packages reach customers in 30 minutes or less!

Faster, error – free, prompt. This technology is soon going to obsolete the need of mail carriers.

jobs that will vanish

Did you know someone was brave enough to let a machine with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE operate on him?

It looks like science fiction, but it’s real. Doctor’s at Canada’s McGill University Health Centre took a new step in robotic medical procedures with the first all-robotic surgery. The brave patient went under the mechanically assisted knife for a prostatectomy.

The idea might scare you, but scientists are making it happen and doing it safely! In a latest experiment done on pigs by surgeons in Washington, surgical stitches made by autonomous robots were as good as, or better than, stitches made by skilled surgeons.

jobs vanish

If it makes you feel better this is not emanating any time soon enough for our generation to be operated by them. So, good luck to our grandchildren!

The world is changing drastically, and we all know it.  Don’t listen to the people who are stuck in the old way of thinking. (Attention Indian teenagers!)

You don’t want to have one of the jobs that won’t exist in the future.

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