The Indian Gurukul System Of Education Needs To Come Back

The Indian education system needs a great overhaul. We can already see that the education system that has been followed for all these years is not really working.

Or at least, it needs some major changes that will be implemented swiftly and with proper care and attention.

The inclusion of many modern ways of teaching while still gripping to the same old standard classroom method is only creating a confusing situation, not just for the students, but even the teachers.

No one seems to know what to do exactly, and which direction to go in. The teachers, students, administration, and parents are all confused whether they should follow these new ways of teaching or still cling to the tried and tested formula.

That is why I believe reintroducing the Gurukul system to our education sector, could result in some pretty good changes that would greatly benefit the students.

Yes, The Gurukul System Needs To Come Back

Now I know some of you might be confusing it with the boarding system, but the only thing that is similar between these two is the residential part.

Apart from that, the Gurukul is quite different if seen with all its parts. In a boarding school, students don’t live with their teachers, whereas they do so in a Gurukula. Then, of course, there is the fact that many students attending a boarding school also live close by, so they might not be living at the school premises itself.

Also, I believe that the boarding school system is heavily influenced by the hierarchy and British system which is not always conducive to the Indian thinking.

You also might be thinking of how practical it would be to have a system that keeps one away from modern technology and that this would only result in hindering the progress of the country.

When I Say Gurukul, I Don’t Mean Going Back To Ancient Times


Adopting the system of gurukul, does not have to mean that we in turn also revert back to the olden days of living in a forest in a hut and living extremely simple lives.

But the aspects of the gurukul that impress me and make me believe would be good for our education system, is the certain aspects of it which are centered towards holistic development of the student.

The disciplined lifestyle and small class size along with the constant supervision by the teacher would ensure that each student learns their true potential.

Also, living away from home, with their teacher and that too in less than luxurious conditions creates a hardened personality that is adaptable to various kinds of lifestyle.

I think that if we can find a good way to combine the best of a gurukul and the modern education system, then it would be better for the students.

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