Cleveland Cavaliers 140 – 135 Washington Wizards : LeBron James Produces Clutch Heroics Along With Kyrie Irving

Cleveland Cavaliers needed some heroics from LeBron James as he hit a stunning 3-point shot with 0.3 seconds left to play and force overtime as it was then Kyrie Irving who led the Cavaliers to a dominating 140-135 win over the Washington Wizards.

The Wizards came into the game on a 17-match winning streak and had Bradley Beal in great from as he added 41 points to his name in the game but the Cavaliers proved to be too hot for the wizards as the star trio of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were rampant throughout the match.

LeBron was fouled out of the game after 48 seconds into overtime, only the 5th time that happened in the galactic superstar’s career.

LeBron, fresh off his record of being the youngest player in the history of NBA to reach 28,000 career points scored 32 points in the 4 quarters.

Kyrie Irving produced a clutch game as he scored 11 of his 23 total points in the Over Time, as Cleveland Cavaliers overpowered the Wizards and continued to build on their title defense and the reputation of being the best team in the Eastern Conference.

Bradley Beal was the highest scorer of the game as he scored 41 points for the Washington Wizards, only to end up on the losing side.

The game was match which was high on attacking and offensive plays as it played out to 118-117 lead for the Wizards with 12 seconds to go.

Kevin Love provided a class performance of his own as he scored 39 points, the 2nd highest of the night and the highest for Cleveland Cavaliers amidst trade speculation, which you can read about further in this article.

Kevin Love in action for Cleveland Cavaliers.
Kevin Love (in yellow) in action for Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron had the chance to win it for the Cavaliers but his open 2-point shot bounced out after the ball just rolled around the rim.

With a time crunch and a missed opportunity, things got worse for Cavaliers as Wizards got 2 free throws and made the score 120-117 in their favor with 3.2 seconds to play..


LeBron James rises and scores a majestic 3-point shot for Cleveland Cavaliers to tie the game at 120-120, proving his clutch factor yet again.

With 3.2 seconds left to play, Kevin Love threw the pass to LeBron James and James charged past Bradley Beal, rose above him in the air after creating some space and fired a stunning shot behind the 3-point line and scored the game-tying shot make the socre 120-120 and force the game into overtime.

It was a stunning performance from James who scored 32 points and also added a career-high record of 17 assists in a game but he was fouled out after 47 seconds into the Over Time.

Kyrie Irving took control after LeBron James, scoring 11 points in Over Time to win the game with some rally important shots.

Kevin Love’s brilliant performance came amidst speculation that LeBeron James apparently wants Carmelo Anthony in the Cleveland Cavaliers squad and is willing to allow a trade including a swap deal between Anthony and Kevin Love, who is a part of the dangerous trio at Cleveland.

Bradley Beal was fantastic for washington Wizards and even helped the team to dominate the Cavaliers, only to lose out in extra time. Even then, there’s plenty to look forward to for Wizards who have been really impressive lately with 17 wins and can continue to build on the momentum after a phenomenal show, including this one.

As for the Cavaliers, their star trio is in great form and that’ll definitely boost their run.

The race is on!

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