You Think The Extremist Groups Will Not Seek Revenge Against The Muslim Ban in US?

By Shreya Jha

The President of United States of America, unfortunately Donald Trump, banned immigrant from 7 Muslim majority countries. How will this prove to be detrimental to the ongoing refugee crisis? Let’s take a look….

DONALD TRUMP was very enthusiastic about banning the immigrants from Muslim majority countries giving the reason for the ban being that they were the cause of terrorism and recent rise in all the evil that was going around the world.

A week into office, Trump announced the most explosive of his decisions. The department of homeland security applied restrictions to people of Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Sudan and Syria. However he said that those who were permanent residents of the US in other words they were the green card holders, it did not apply to them. However it was soon announced that it extended to them as well. Thus there was complete chaos in the USA.


Let us analyze what are the long term impacts of it is going to be :

1. With just the advent of Trump regime and such a powerful message of hatred against Islam, it is very much likely that the extremist groups around the world will seek revenge against the amount of hatred which he seems to propagate against Islam.

2. America will soon be seen as a land not of opportunities but of conservative and perverted ideologies where negative feelings about one community are held in high regard by the population.

3. The whole aura set up by Trump is similar to the world war like situation in which enough pride for one’s own nation and hatred for others was propagated by Hitler in Germany. This finally led to defeat and downfall of the country and destruction at large.

4. There will be a massive impact on refugees from Arab and Africa who were planning to flee to the US and to work and earn a livelihood there. The decision has been a huge blow to the war torn Syrian population and a lot of people from Turkey as well.

5. In light of Trump’s orders, Canada led by the charismatic Justin Trudeau has announced that it will be welcoming the refugees. This move does look like a drop of love in the ocean of hate!

Justin Trudeau's Tweet
Justin Trudeau’s Tweet

6. Trump’s orders extend to even permanent residents and green card holders and students. This has created much distrust and disrespect among them and the rising discontent among people in general can have an adverse impact on America’s economy.

7. Last but not the least, Trump has succeeded in giving a much different makeover to America which is devoid of acceptance and is religiously intolerant. And one which treats a religion, a faith synonymous to terrorism, in complete disregard to the fact that extremism is found in every faith and so it cannot be banned or rooted out completely. The orders are analogous to that of Hitler on Jews.


Beware when THIS is the present state of the world….

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