Trump Takes Power On January 20: Wonder What World Holds Post Jan 20

Rishank Dabra

The announcement of Donald Trump as the U.S. President-elect on November 9th, 2016 sent shivers encompassing all economies barring Russia and brought reminiscence from the Brexit vote that happened in June 2016.

It set huge concern among political analysts, global citizens and voters alike who voted for Clinton as to what could have gone through the voters’ minds despite the scathing and brutal campaign of Trump and the fact that most predictions gave a thumbs up to Clinton instead of Trump.

President Trump's proposed plan on student loans and college tuition could hurt poor students.

Short lived Equanimity

Nevertheless, what was expected post the result was that Trump would display the typical leadership qualities of the most powerful person in the world and would correct his evil image from the campaign as it was thought that the campaign behavior was shown to tip the scales in his favor by expressing rebellious attitude in order to use anti-incumbency to his advantage.

For the first few days, we did see his calm demeanor and collaborative attitude but, of late, he has started to show his intrinsic colors that are immutable.

140 character bomb
His latest tweets show how his one negative tweet can devastatingly affect a company, the latest being ‘Boeing’ when his tweet on the company bought down its value by $1bn in a single day.

His tweet on ‘civilized world to change the thinking’ shows danger signs and brings into consideration Obama’s quote on how a person with Trump’s impulsive behavior shouldn’t be in charge of nukes.
Moreover, his other tweets also brings back memories of his false claims, inaccurate understanding of foreign policies, arrogant attitude, and protocol violations as they were witnessed during his campaign.

Envisaged appointees per true colors
Trump’s cabinet appointees also sends danger signals across the world and adds to the uncertainty present in the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world.

His appointees include people who hold conflict of interests, have little or no regards for environment, practice discriminatory practices, are climate skeptics, war advocators, and reality show villains.

If the policy measures recommended by these appointees coincided with their past characteristics then U.S. and the entire world could take a dramatic and disastrous turn.
The Bitter Truth
While the democrats and majority of people in the U.S. and world still feel that Russia could have impacted the election results and call for a re-election but now the removal of his Presidential seems less probable.

The fact remains that Donald Trump is likely to remain as the U.S. President and is most likely to take oath on 20th January and the world has to come to peace with that reality that is hard to change now.
However, what would hold post 20th January and for the upcoming years seems to be creating fear among working class people in America, immigrants, Mexico, Middle East and other Muslim countries, and investors and businessman alike despite the fact that Trump’s agenda has been pro-business.

Rishank is currently pursuing MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai.He likes reading and writing and loves challenging the status quo by voicing his eccentric opinions.

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