From Shobhaa De to Salt Bae, Everything Sarcastic That Happened In News This Week

Just when I think the world is going to slow down its ironic pace a little bit, I get hit smack in the face with a load more of sarcastic news this week. What is on with people?! I tell you, there is nothing more sensational on earth than your average daily newspaper.

Hot or cold, you find out!


4 year Old American Girl Becomes An Honorary Librarian For A Day At The Library Of Congress After Reading a Record 1000 Books!


Daliyah Marie Arana’s parents signed her up for the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program (yes it exists!) after she started reading books on her own one month before her 3rd Birthday and has completely her goal in a year. She aims to accomplish up to 1500 books and can read her 10-12 year old siblings’ books too.

If this doesn’t give you serious reading goals, I don’t know what will.


Madrid To Ban Cars From It’s Busiest Street To Combat Pollution.


In yet another very radical decision by a city government, Madrid is planning to ban all privately driven vehicles from one of its main streets to combat the smog problem. The public transport vehicles and bikes will not be affected.

If not anything, I hope people will understand how grave the smog issue is for people’s health and the environment.


Genius Swedish Brewer Made A Shower Beer!


Swedish Brewer Pang Pang decided to brew a consistency that can be consumed quickly before getting too warm in the shower. Alright, too many people are happy about this, but when are we getting shower burgers or nachos? Only then can we say the world is a better place.



Nicole Kidman Calls On People To Support Trump As President.


Just like she has a right to her own opinions, I too have a right to say, “It’s not hot to simply forget about who he is as a person and accept him for what he is.”

Let’s take everything with a pinch of salt Ms Kidman? I do get your good motives after all.


Shobaa De Asks Sushma Swaraj To Stop Tweeting, Gets Slammed Instead.


Why isn’t she banned from social media yet? Let’s not get into Sushma Swaraj’s twitter activity here, the point is nobody asked Sobhaa De to open her mouth, much less make a joke of herself on Twitter. She should consider that New Year resolution for herself.


Salt Bae Is NOT My New Bae. Period.


Like everything that is overdone on the internet, this one is getting quite reckless too. Who on earth wants to eat anything seasoned like that???


That’s all for this news this week. Come back for more sarcastic updates same place next week!

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