From Salman Khan to Trump’s Punk’ed Everthing Sarcastic That Happened In News This Week

Too short a week? I know I know, I get the feeling. So if you feel like you may have missed out on some sarcastic news trending in news this week, worry not! We are back with the top 6 sarcastic headlines that made roll our eyeballs.

Whether they make you meh or not, please be the judge!



Americans Are Still Hoping To Get Punked.


Yeah, so Ashton Kutcher was trending for real. I think the entire world was hoping for that. Duh, you are taking way too much time now Ashton!


Chelsea Manning Is Now Free!


One final act of kindness, Obama sets her free. The Guardian reports, “On a call with reporters, a White House official said repeatedly that the president believed Manning’s crimes were “serious” and “harmful to national security” but refused to label her a “traitor”’.

No better way to seal his legacy!


Pranab Mukherjee Distances Himself From The Congress.


Some reports in newspapers reporting our President’s images on some campaign posters prompted his secretary to make a call to Election Commission to ensure his image was not being misused. The President is supposed to be neutral and that’s what Pranab Mukherjee wants to be.

Well, he couldn’t really protest when Congress kinda distanced him. Figurative revenge while being politically correct.



Media Slamming Deepika Padukone’s Ellen Appearance and Over Analyzing Her Accent.


Like seriously, go home and do something better. I love her gawky candidness and whatever she is.


3.5 People Sing The National Anthem Together To Set A New Record. 


I am honestly happy about achieving a record.. But well, I am not? The trust also set two new records for Limca Book of Records, by organizing the longest (40 km) ‘shobha-yatra’ (procession) and a 1008-kund ‘mahayagna’, NDTV reports. Good for them.


Salman Khan Has Been Acquitted Yet AGAIN!


Because Bollywood’s favorite bad boy can never do anything wrong, he has also been freed of the charges of possession of an unlicensed gun related to the black buck shooting case.

If every Indian had his way, nobody would ever be penalised!


That’s all for this news this week! See you again next week with yet more sarcastic news that you must not miss out one.

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