Delhi Boy’s Kissing Prank Viral Video Is Plain Traumatizing: Where Is CONSENT in India?

Have you seen a kissing prank video on Youtube? It’s this video compilation of a game that some losers on the youtube play with random women to trick them into kissing. As you may have guessed it, these are pretty viral and rake up to hundreds of thousands of views if not in millions.

Okay so what is the fun in it?

I for one thing can honestly not figure that out. What I did observe was that the kissing prank involved a frank consent, even if the participanting women had boyfriends, they were kissed by the youtuber at a fair/not-so-fair challenge. For example, the youtuber would walk up to the woman, compliment her, propose the idea of how he would get to kiss her if she failed at a quick game. If the woman said, sure, he would explain the challenge, like how she would have to kiss him if he could make her laugh, or picked the right number, or won at a handgame.

The trick was that the game was rigged. Like he could make them laugh by just tickling them, or make them say yes by asking a redundant question like, “Are you ready?” Most importantly, the women were always open to refusing the youtuber.

Check the comments under any of these videos, you won’t have to bat an eyelash before spotting a trillion comments who cannot believe the indecency of the whole enterprise. Where the fun in this kind of pranking? And mind you, it is in fact consensual. You know what, the games look very staged to me.


An Indian youtuber, aka Crazy Sumit, decided to one-up these international youtubers at their A-game to redefine the challenge: what if he were to kiss the women without their consent? And call the video, “Funniest Indian YouTube Prank of 2017.” Danger level 101. Must feel unabashedly masculine, right?


Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Disclaimer, some other Indian youtubers have also tried this prank. They followed the common Q & A tricks and insisted on the women kissing their cheeks if not on the mouth. This guy, Sumit Verma decides to stalk women and kiss them full on their mouth unaware! No, asking consent, nothing. Just kiss them on the mouth and run away.

That my dear readers, is molestation.



What’s with Indian men and not understanding the concept of consent?

Respected gentlemen of India, a woman on the street is not a piece of meat walking around for your entertainment. It is absolutely not okay if a woman is not safe on the streets in broad daylight. What are indian men brought up to believe that gives a loser like Sumit Verma the courage to molest a woman openly on the streets in broad daylight and simply say, “I am sorry, it was for entertainment.” 

Yes, “The Crazy Sumit” channel owner took to youtube to post a follow up video apologising for his prank pleading that it was meant for “entertainment purposes” only. A video of openly molesting women is entertainment in India, yes Indian men think that way. And dare anyone say, “Not All Men” to counter that.

According to reports, ‘other videos by Verma, which were promptly deleted after the police reacted over the incident, included titles such as ‘Seducing girl prank on dad’, ‘Peeing on people prank’, ‘Seducing girl in washroom prank’ and ‘Sex with girlfriend prank on mom’’.

Forget about injustice, women in India are just this unsafe on the streets. Unlike Bangalore, it is no longer a matter of women wearing short skirts or going out in the dark. It is a matter of CONSENT. NO woman ever is ASKING for it. And if this outrageous case does not drill that into every Indian head, I don’t understand what will.


“Crazy Sumit” says, “I respect all womens (sic).”

Let me ask you, Mr Verma, and all other Indian men: Do you understand respect? Who is a Woman, please tell me that?  A sex object for you to grab at every chance?  What if women were mass molesting men on the Bengaluru streets?

Women being stripped off in public. Raped, beaten up and murdered. Molested on streets en mass. Digraced and brutalised every-damn-where in this country. Inside their homes, and outside. You tell me, respected Indian gentlemen, is a woman allowed to even walk around in India? 


Meanwhile, Delhi Police is investigating. *sighs* Right now the offender can face jailtime under the Information Technology Act and Indian Penal Code for allegedly harassing and abusing women, through the video. They insist that the harrassed women come forward and file a case against him for stronger penalty.

The video has been taken off YouTube, but you can watch the TOI video coverage here.


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