YES, I’m A Student Of Amity And NO, My Father Didn’t Shell Out Lakhs For It!

So, I’m a student of Amity. What was your first reaction or judgement of me? Something along the lines of “Rich spoilt brat, usually drunk or high, drives an Audi or Mercedes”, right?

Do you still want to ask me WHY I dread answering the question, “Beta, kaunse college mein padhte ho?”

This article a.k.a. rant is for all those friends, family, relatives and random unclejis and auntyjis out there.

Yes, I’m in Amity Law School, Delhi but NO, I’m NOT an Amitian. My college is affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. YES, I’m a student of Amity and NO, my father didn’t shell out lakhs for it.

I gave a competitive aptitude-based exam and secured an All India Rank of 651 in General category to be in this college and so did each and every person studying in my college!

Amity Law School, Delhi

This is where I’d like to tackle a few FAQs and bust a few myths : Firstly, we aren’t all rich, spoilt brats. Just because we happen to have “Amity” in our college’s name and we happen to walk through the jail-like doors of Amity, Noida campus doesn’t mean our parents supply us with a diet of raja-maharajas on silver platters at our homes.

Secondly, please don’t give me the “management quota look”. I did actually study to get in. My admission procedure didn’t resemble a Hindi film parody, where the college asked for khokas (slang for crores) and it came in an expensive car carried by 5 muscular men wearing aviators, loaded with gold. NOPE!

The point being, YES WE DO EXIST. Not everyone comes to Amity as a last resort. I know some of the smartest people in my batch who prioritized this college more, even over DU ‘cuz NEWSFLASH: THERE IS NO UNDERGRAD COURSE FOR LAW IN DU.

Talking about NLUs, lets just face the fact that no one wants to join an NLU on the outskirts of small cities over choosing to study in Delhi. Delhi, being the hub of big law firms and home to the highest judicial body of India is the first choice of any law pursuant in Delhi.

It has been over a year in this college and  I still can’t stop correcting people that I am not a part of the Amity private campus. That my college Amity Law School, Delhi is affiliated to IP University. WHY? Because as soon as soon as you mention that you’re a student of Amity, people have this urge to judge you.

I am in a college where my attendance is supposed to be “disgraceful 75 percent”. I have to attend more lectures than school, which really haunts me but the “Amity” curse because of which people roll eyes at me gives me more nightmares.

I fail to understand why we’re so forgetful of the fact to not judge a book by it’s cover! We are asked to do so because the content matters, what the book teaches you matters and not how it looks.

People can judge me all they want but at the end of the day what matters is what I learn from wherever I study. At the end of the day, skills matter and not a tag of the IIT, IIM, DU or NLU brands.

After almost 1 and half year in the crimson red campus, I have come to the conclusion that it really does not matter how many negative reviews you read or over-advertised commercials you see on television. This college has its ups and downs just like every other university/college in India.

In fact,  ALSD has been ranked as one of the top law schools, year after year by various journals and websites.  The college has a very strong mooting culture and consistently features in the top 12 of the Mooting Premier League standings.

So, what it really boils down to is the fact that every student has to find his/her way through in college. You have to scrounge for opportunities and literally push people back in order to secure your future.

Despite the credentials, being seen with rolled eyes is a concern of a lot of students from my college, but then again we believe in our potential and are always ready to prove our worth!

So, hey I’m from AMITY, IPU. Yep, we exist.

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