Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Nuclear’ And Why It Could Actually Work

Ram Gopal Verma or RGV has not been the most dependable director for quite some time. He has been the laughing stock of Bollywood with his dud films like Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag, Mr Ya Miss and many other movies.

Apart from that RGV has also has had a fair share of spats with the darlings of Bollywood aka Karan Johar, with whom RGV has gotten into a few Twitter wars over the years.

But while Ram Gopal Verma might not exactly have been a popular director, does not mean that he hasn’t been making films.

Many of his latest releases including the recently released Veerappan was quite liked by critics and even if it might not have entered the 100 crore club, the reviews it got were favourable at least.

And lets be real, we all know that these days a movie entering the 100 or even 200 crore club is no big deal with some of the worst movies like Happy New Year, Bodyguard and many more having a place there.

So I for one would never judge the worthiness of a movie by whether or not it has made it to this crappy club or not.

Anyways, the reason why I am suddenly talking of RGV is because of his latest upcoming project which is not only his 1st international project but with the biggest budget ever of almost 340 crore.


Yup, RGV has bagged this extremely big budget project which is about terrorism and the consequences that would come out if something as powerful as nuclear weapons got in the wrong hands.

Now, before you all start laughing and forming judgments right away of how this movie will official end RGV’s career, let me bring attention to why this could actually work for him and help him make this a pretty cool movie:

1. Ram Gopal Verma:

Granted, he hasn’t exactly been the poster child for directing good movies, but nonetheless, he is a good director. His earlier films like Rangeela, Dil Se, Sarkar, Company and more are till today counted among as classic films.

I think if we take a look back then we can see that where he went wrong was with the traditional romantic comedy movies or really weird and not easily understood concepts.

Sure RGV ki Aag and his horror films were again duds, along with Nishabd that got limelight for the wrong reasons. But you have to admit that RGV is not afraid to take risks and even explore unchartered territories.

Either ways, these kind of gritty, realistic and dark films are RGV’s genre and where he most shines out in.

So who knows, he might just give out the best apocalyptic film that India has ever seen.

ram gopal verma

2. The Film Subject:

The film subject of nuclear weapons and what all devastation they could cause, might have been covered, but most of them are from Hollywood and the American view point.

So far, India has never really thought to focus on this area and I believe that it could be an interesting story.

There are a lot of great elements in it, America, China, India, Pakistan and more, different elements that bring in different facets and sides to the story.

Signing off I would like to say that, let us not jump to conclusions straight away and at least wait and see what the outcome is.

Then if it is bad, I would perhaps be the first in line with a sarcastic comment.

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