Donald Trump, The 45th President Of US : Here’s How It Happened On The 2016 US Elections Day

Donald Trump has finally defeated Hillary Clinton by an almost landslide margin as he clinched the required 270 electoral votes to become the 45th President of The United States. Who would have thought?

On a day where polls began at Trump 39 – 46 Clinton, Americans have come a long way to elect Trump and yet again deny a female to become the country’s president. Trump currently stands at 276 votes, well ahead of Clinton.

Donald Trump, the new President of the United States.
Donald Trump, the new President of the United States.

Election breakdowns and the events that led to them were staggeringly contrasting and we tell you how :

With Trump not doing well in the primary debates and Hillary grabbing the headlines with a dramatic shift in her image due to the 35,00 leaked e-mails, the battle for the ultimate throne was indeed looking to be the win for the “lesser of two evils”.

Talking About The Swing States :

Swing States are the states of a country which host most electoral votes and are the deciders in a presidential campaign.

Until this day, no Republican candidate had won in the major states of Ohio (18 total electoral votes), Iowa, North Carolina and most importantly, Pennsylvania and Florida (29 total electoral votes).

This statistic might have irked Trump as he won and shattered records in all the mentioned states. Add it to his victory in Texas (38 electoral votes) and there was no stopping him!

Victory for Donald Trump in the majority of the Firewall states led to Hillary's win in California being in vain.
Victory for Donald Trump in the majority of the Firewall states led to Hillary’s win in California being in vain.

Ohio was a rather sweet turnaround for Donald Trump as Hillary Clinton’s efforts to rack up celebs in Ohio were in vain as there was a largely Caucasian crowd with very few African Americans during her presence there. Furthermore, her efforts to make a public appearance with Barack Obama and Michelle Obama proved to be in vain during the last few days before the elections.

Change – Good Or Bad? :

On a rather shocking note, it was surprising to see that Trump’s verbal war of words against the Mexican population didn’t hinder his support as early polls were pretty drastically in Clinton’s favor. Oh, America. You beauty.

An increment of 6 million votes from 2012 in Florida indicated that this time, people indeed want the change and are looking to go to any extent to have it. And that is also evident from the fact that since 2012,  major states (Florida, Ohio and Iowa) swung from Obama’s favor to Trump’s.

And with NBC and CNN currently reporting via their sources that Hillary MADE A TELEPHONE CALL TO DONALD TRUMP and asked him to concede just shows her uncertainty, if proven right.

Hillary Clinton’s Firewall Couldn’t Stop Donald Trump’s Trojan (Excuse The Pun) :

Hillary Clinton’s much publicized “Firewall” states, i.e., Virginia, Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire proved to be the biggest game changers as a chunk of them turned into Trump’s favor, thus boosting his chances and his further victories in North Carolina and Florida weakened Clinton’s campaign. Texas and Michigan were the final straws and didn’t prove to be of much help to Hillary, either.

Victory for Donald Trump in the majority of the Firewall states led to Hillary’s win in California (55 electoral votes) being in vain.

Why Donald Trump May Be The Man That America Needs :

With some deep and hefty pockets, his name being a global brand and him being a corporate conglomerate, Donald Trump may just be one of the most powerful men in the world to exercise the right of US Presidency. His oratory skills and a head-on attitude to conduct his campaigns have led him to be believed as a symbol of someone who wants to take matters into his own hands to make his country arguably the greatest powerhouse of this century.

His policies to tackle terrorism will go down as some of the most daunting stances taken on the matter if done correctly which may just be a catalyst to show that US is indeed in no mood to play around.

Will Donald Trump make America great again? We have 4 years to find out!

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