7 Unique Eating Joints You Haven’t Heard Of: An ED Listicle

I love eating good food, talking about it and definitely reading and writing about it. It is this habit of mine which introduced me to a variety of cuisines, food items and eating joints across the globe.

While going through random articles in random books and webpages, I found a whole new variety of eating places which are quite unique from the mainstream.

Here are 7 mind-blowing restaurants/eating joints that are unique enough to have a mention in the list:

1. An automated restaurant where your food comes to you via a roller coaster track system!

In a restaurant in Nuremberg (Germany) you get your food delivered by a roller coast tack system! Woah, all guys’ paradise, isn’t it? Some engineer must have been really bored to come up with this.

Anyway, this is the Baggers Restaurant that we are talking about.

eating joints


2. A posh restaurant 16 meters below the sea!

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant has to be one of the most beautiful places to have a meal at.

With the entire aquatic life in motion around you and certain calmness, I am sure this eating joints makes for a perfect romantic place.

Who wouldn’t love to grab a bite here?

eating joints


3. A restaurant staffed entirely by kids!

Kinderkookkafe in Amsterdam, quite suggestive by the name is an eating joint entirely run by kids. That by no means mean that the food isn’t good or the service isn’t proper! Don’t believe me?

Go visit yourself!

WHO RUNS THE WORLD? KIDS. (No Rihanna, the answer isn’t GIRLS here! Lol.)

eating joints


4. A restaurant completely made out of cardboard!

So Carton King in Taiwan is entirely made of cardboard. These people took art and craft way too seriously!

Everything, ranging from furniture to decor is crafted out of cardboard

Here’s hoping the food isn’t made of cardboard as well! Lol.

eating joints


5. Hospital-themed restaurants serving body part-shaped food!

Hospitalis in Latvia has to be the most bizarre of the list. Quite suggestive by the name itself, it’s a hospital themed eating joint!

Women dressed as nurses serve food which is in the form of body parts or worse, broken body parts!

Remind me again why would you like to have a meal here? I am already disgusted!

eating joints



6. A Japanese restaurant featuring futuristic cabaret shown by sexy robots!

The Japanese Robot Restaurant in Tokyo features cabaret dancer robots?

Imagine a robot coming and flirting with you while you have a meal at the restaurant!

All the forever alones out there, here’s your chance! Lol.

eating joints

7. The Dumb Starbucks.

Not sure how well this qualifies as a restaurant, but ‘Dumb Starbucks’ in Los Angeles is pretty dumb.

Basically, it’s a Starbucks, except everything on the menu is prefixed with ‘dumb’. So you could order a ‘Dumb caramel macchiato’ or a ‘Dumb mocha latte’.

eating joints


Gotta be the dumbest thing ever and this is why it makes it to the list!

Do you know about crazier eating places or restaurants? Let us know in the comments below!

Picture Courtesy: Google Images

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