5 Stylish Celebrity Halloween Costumes That You Can DIY At Home For Any Costume Party

In a beautiful space between the arrival of winter and departure of fall, comes the festival of jack-o’-lanterns, freaky costumes and trick-o-treating. Halloween is one of the anticipated festivals in the western countries.

Wearing funky Halloween costumes is one of the most crucial aspects of attending any Halloween party. So we brought bring to you 5 celebs who rocked their Halloween look this year and how you can DIY their look too!


Heidi Klum and Ellen


You could always count on Ellen to come up with one of the goofiest costume ideas for Halloween. This year Ellen channeled singer Sia while Heidi played her dancer Maddie Ziegler.

DIY: Slide into your old frocks from childhood (if you could) or tweak them a bit to fit you and get a bob cut wig, spray its one half with black hair colour and other with white and voila! There’s your ‘Sia’ look that Ellen donned. For Heidi’s look, a leotard with blonde, bob cut wig will make the cut.


Kylie Jenner


If Kylie didn’t create a buzz on the internet about what she wore, maybe Instagram is down. The young Jenner dressed up as Christina Aguilera from her ‘dirrty’ era.

DIYA pair of your sister’s old apple bottom pants cropped out from the crotch and a red bikini is all that you need to get this Halloween costume. Shimmer some gold face powder, some clip on piercings and you’re good to go.



Halloween Costumes

Damn that is one freakishly scary clown even by Madonna standards. But then again, ‘B****, she’s Madonna’.

DIY: A lot of white face powder, red lipstick, a clown nose and red afro-wig. You’d have finally achieved this utterly spooky Madonna look. This is giving me the heebie-jeebies.


Neil Patrick Harris and family


NPH is one of a kind, so is his family and so are their yearly Halloween costumes. Patrick’s family really looked adorable dressed up as Groucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean.

DIYGet a family as cute as NPH.

Oh and I saved the best one for the last…


Colton Haynes

Halloween Costumes

Teen Wolf heartthrob Colton Haynes really, really took all the limelight with his Miss Piggy Halloween costume. Undoubtedly, Miss Piggy was shining out in his bright pink costume.

DIYFor this, you’d need some serious courage first of all. Next we’d suggest a glorious pink coloured gown, a pink furry scarf, bunny ears, gigantic pink boots and a blonde wig. Yeah! We know you can’t be as cool as Colton Haynes so just let it go.

So that was about it on the wackiest Halloween costumes this year. How many of these would you dare try on? Let us know if we missed out on any.

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