10 Daily Morning Struggles Of A College Student

It was hard enough waking up in time for our 8, 9 or even 10 o’clocks in the morning and now it’s starting to get colder! And that makes life a whole lot harder! We all have those days where we just want to stay in our warm bed and not face the brutal mornings. 

Easily the worst part of the day, the morning doesn’t do anyone justice. I don’t know about anyone else, but I look like someone took a vacuum to my head and punched both of my eyes in the morning. Trying to stay even some-what awake before noon is like asking Zac Efron to Netflix and Chill, you want it to happen but you know it will not!

The struggle is real!

Here are 10 struggles that we, college students face as we get up in the morning and attempt to seem sane:

1. I Want To Kill That Alarm!

Just like Cinderella said in the 1950’s film, “Oh that clock. Kill joy. Get up, time to start another day.” I want to crush my alarm clock or phone every morning that it goes off. The clock doesn’t know that you are having a good dream or that you are cosy and comfy.

Everyday morning struggles when alarm clock is our biggest enemy!

Then we realize that we love our phone and can’t hurt it, so you just deal with the noise. It’s annoying and sadly we put up with it because our bodies don’t want to get up on their own.

2. I’m So Warm In My Cocoon!

If only we could stay caterpillars in our lovely warm blanket cocoons. Sadly, we have to transform into gorgeous (or at least minimally presentable) butterflies and venture out into the world where we shall rock it!

All of us have been there! Isn’t it?

This happens too often that I feel being curled up in a warm cocoon should be a skill. Yup, I heard you just agree. 

3. “Is It Cold Out?”, Everyday Morning Thought!

For the sad times when you look out your window and realize that you’ve been transported to Siberia (metaphorically, not literally!). The window is frozen and you can’t fathom even moving from your bed because of the bitter cold.

Point made!

You frantically look in the back of the closet for any caps and gloves you bought. After all that, sweatpants and a sweatshirt usually win. 

4. My Breath Could Kill The Garbage.

Morning breath. It’s gross, but we all have it. It’s so difficult deciding whether its worth it to get out of bed and get rid of it, or to just close your eyes and ignore your problems. I think we all know which one people choose more often than not. 

5. The Bathroom Is So Far Away!

The *bathroom is far, let me just sleep* look.

Ugh, the ultimate struggle. Having to choose between using the bathroom or staying warm in your cocoon. Even though the bathroom for most college students is about twenty steps or less away, it’s still a major struggle because you have to actually get up.

Who knew that getting up would take so much effort, right?!?

6. Did My 8:00 Or 8:30 a.m. Get Cancelled?!

A message we all hope to get before we move from our bed.

Especially if you have an early class like 8:00 or 8:30 A.M. More often than not, it doesn’t happen, but we college students always search for the glimmer of hope! 

7. “COFFEE!”

When is this thought not in our minds? AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT? What can I eat and grab quickly without making my face look like I just won an eating contest?

Exactly what we need in morning.
Coffee? Coffee! Period.

God Bless you, coffee! You are the real MVP.

8. Should I Actually Look Presentable Today?

Looking presentable during the day is so difficult. We study all night for exams and write papers until our eyes glaze over. Trying to look presentable is such a challenge because it is actually one of the last things we as college students think about.

So, if we’re looking good that day, just know that we actually put the effort into it.

9. How Can I Make it to Class Without People Seeing or Talking to Me?

Morning struggles.
When someone is trying to have a conversation with you in the morning, and you can only process about three words at a time.

Common techniques include wearing earbuds, sunglasses, looking at one’s phone, looking down at your feet while glimpsing ahead to see where one is going, and wearing a hoodie to hide oneself.

Has this worked for people? Absolutely!

10. Forget It.

Sometimes, we all just need that day to just go back to bed. Either for sanity or sheer laziness, it’s needed!  

Mornings will never go away no matter how much we want them to. But, we do have the rare occasions where we get to cuddle up in bed and watch Grey’s all day long.

If only SUNDAYS Netflixed and Chilled!

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