WhatsApp Etiquettes: How To Not Be A Jerk On Group Chats


WhatsApp has taken over the world and is one of the most preferred way of communication. It is fast, it is instant and it has given way to a whole new way of talking to each other.

Now one does not need to spend their balance on calls or messages and can instead just use WhatsApp to send any message if needed.

Perhaps the best feature of WhatsApp is the group chat one, which earlier was not something readily available.

Even the elders of our community have embraced this phenomenon and one can find almost every family having their own exclusive group chats, the oldies of the family having their own group, then the cousins and the surprising factor, even offices have their own WhatsApp groups.

Yup, any information or news need to be relayed? A client needs urgent changes to a certain project? Cannot make it to a meeting because ill? Well, WhatsApp has become the saviour in allowing one to communicate their message instantly.

But when there are pros the cons are not far behind.

Group chat as helpful as they can be sometimes, are also the bane of our existence due to some ignorant and nuisance people.

Well, fear no more guys, because I am here to save the day and have compiled a list of ‘Do Nots’ which will help you not be a jerk in the WhatsApp group chats anymore

1. Don’t Be The Only One Talking

Ok, we all want to voice our opinions and say what is on our mind. But lets be aware of the fact that there are others too in the group chat.

Don’t just bulldoze your way through it without giving anyone else a chance to speak.


2.When A Theme Is Being Talked About Don’t Break The Flow

This thing just pricks me so much, that when a couple of people are having a conversation, even more so if the topic is something serious like work, someone will come out of the blue and break the flow of the conversation.

Either they will ask about something that was being talked in the very beginning or type out an asinine message.

Don’t do it man… just don’t. Talk related stuff or wait for that topic to get over to put forward what you have to say. Also sudden happy birthdays, congratulations in the middle of a serious conversation about something else, is just so irritating.


3. Always Try And Acknowledge On The Group, Before Starting A New Topic

This point is mostly applicable to office or work groups, but no harm in applying it to other more informal groups too.

If a person has asked or said something on the group then the most decent thing to do is just acknowledge that message, even if you might disagree with that point, but just reply in some way saying you have acknowledged the message.

Doesn’t take a lot of time and wont really make you a small person.


4. Don’t Send Long Forwards Or Spamming Messages

Oh my god… can we please, for gods sake just put an end to centuries long WhatsApp forwards, that never really seem to end?

Guys… my guys, my people, please just stop sending these stupid and irritating messages on group chat.

Two or more people are having a conversation on the group and boom, out of nowhere a long ass WhatsApp forward comes in and breaks the flow.

TLDR; do not spam the group with dumb WhatsApp forward messages.


5. Respect The Conversation Happening At That Moment

Alright so suppose in a group, more often a work group chat, a senior is scolding or saying something very serious about the performance or something.

Basically the subject of the messages is formal and important, and bloop someone just writes, right there in the middle of such a serious conversation, a happy birthday or a congratulations.

Why you do this random person?

This is such a blatant if unintentional form of disrespect to the subject earlier being discussed.

At least the messages above and see what the mood of the group is before sending out your own message.


6. Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry On Group Chat

If there is contradiction to a certain point, acknowledge it on the main group and then on pm talk it out.

Many have taken to making the group chat a place to air each others dirty laundry. Try not to do so guys, keep in mind that there are other people on the group too, who will form an opinion of not just the other person but of you too.

Also, if you need or want to contradict or question something a senior or even a peer is saying try to do it on private chat instead of in front of everyone.

There is something called respect?


7. Don’t Make The Group Chat A Fight Club

WhatsApp is to talk guys, not to turn it into the next Fight Club.

As I said in the earlier point, there is no point in having epic fights on the group. You are doing two things:

  • Providing a lot of entertainment to the other members of the group or
  • Just distracting and keeping up everyone else with the constant messaging.


8. Don’t Stay Silent

Coming full circle from the first point, the last point is… don’t stay silent people. You are in the group chat for a reason, so try and contribute.

If the first point is for the bulldozers, this one is for the wallflowers who just stay mum come shine or rain.

So speak up and be a proper participant of the chat.



That’s all for now guys.


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