What All Can You Expect From Effervescence’16


Parades. Paradise. Lights. All you could expect of a college fest, and then some.

Effervescence, however, is much more than merely a fest.

It is the culmination of months of back-breaking effort and carries with it the emotions of thousands of people who attend, participate, organize and ultimately make the fest what it is.

Effervescence stands for a legacy that began in 2006, and has grown exponentially year upon year. With celebrities like Lucky Ali, Neha Kakkar and Daler Mehdi having performed here in previous editions, the fest just keeps on getting bigger and better with every iteration.

Welcome, everyone, to the Carnival of Dreams- a three day long roller-coaster ride of fun, frolic, delight and excitement.


The Pronites are star-studded affairs, with each night having its own flavour, its own identity. The first night is the EDM Night, with international DJs playing beats which get the ground flaming and the thousands of people that gather, dancing the night away.

Sunburn, one of the biggest EDM festivals in the country, has made IIIT Allahabad its home once- so wait and watch for what is to come, because it will be amazing.

It was only last year that DJ Aceaxe came to Effervescence and turned it into one of the best EDM scenes in North India.

This year we have The Local Train headlining for the rock night – Incendiary and Benny Dayal of Badtameez Dil fame performing on the Celeb Night by Coke Studio.


Whenever anyone comes to hear of a fest, the first question that pops up is “Why should I attend?” or “What sets this fest apart?”.

The three-day long fiesta kicks off at midnight with a Treasure Hunt for all who think they’re amazing with clues and can handle brainstorming with ease.

The fest continues onwards with a plethora of informal and formal events, which will surely satisfy carnival-hungry appetites. The highlights are, of course, the Pronites and the IIITA MUN, the flagship MUN of the Allahabad circuit.


The informal events are many, both in number and in variety. From Animania for the otakus to Roadies for the venturesome, there’s something in store for everyone.

From Music, Dance, Art, Drama, Sports, Gaming, Photography, to blind dating (if you’re up for it); you name it, we have it – and lots more.

Want to try your hand at poker? We have China Town! (Gamble at your own risk!)

If you fancy getting clicked, we have a specialized Photo Booth to capture your memories. If you prefer being on the other side of the lens, we have Tasveer powered by Nescafe Labs.  


Perplexus is an online treasure hunt to bring out your inner explorer.

From a Tic-Tac-Toe that will test your endurance to the max, to quizzes on the Nostalgic Nineties, TV Series and Cricket, the carnival has a lot of surprises in store.

For all the musicians out there, we have Melodieux, where you showcase your musical talents in person, and Psychedelia, where bands come and showcase their own brands of music. This carnival appeals to all senses.


Think you have it in you to appease the crowd of thousands, but in a very limited time? For you, we have Just-A-Minute. Memories of childhood bring with it nostalgia, and what better way than to relive those memories of hitting sixes and breaking windows than Gully Cricket?

If you call yourself a Scrabble fanatic or a Monopoly genius, we have for you an entire Night on Boards. To appeal to the foodies, we have Foodierama- a treasure hunt-cum-cooking competition, and Paanipuri Junction where you get a minute to eat as many paanipuris as you can. Tempted yet?

For all the gamers out there: we have, at your wish, an entire Asylum, catering to your gaming needs. FPS aficionados, rejoice, for we have a Counter-Strike 1.6 and GO tournament.

For the football fans, we present two options: Futsal for those who prefer studs to screens, and FIFA for those inclined to prove their gaming skills. Talking about games and not mentioning our smartphones is a sacrilege; and hence, we have an Android gamers’ asylum dedicated to all the mobile gaming addicts.


And the theatre fans need not worry, because we have a Nukkad Naatak bringing together the art of street plays and strong social messages.

Beyond that, we have Innovation, where you act out your soul (and not just your role). If cryptography is your passion, Stegolica is your destination.

We also have Karaoke competitions for the budding singers and the event, Unplugged for instrumental performers.  


Effervescence never sleeps (and this is just the beginning).

The next night is for A La Mode, every fashionista’s paradise; followed by every rock lover’s nirvana, Incendiary. An entire night of some of the best bands in the country fighting it out for the top prize, this is an aural and a visual treat.

To everybody who’s left breathless by fast guitar solos and drum beats, Incendiary is the place to be.  

The quizzers will again be tested to their wits’ end in Cognoscentia. For the artists, we have “The Sketcher”; and for those who prefer walls to the easel, we have “Graffiti”.

The cartooning enthusiasts will surely find a place to be in “Toon Con”, and if you have what it takes to put the thousand words of a story into a visual, cherished experience, we have “Story Pic”.


To register for Effe’16 and for further details visit www.effe.org.in

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