Trash It, Trend It: The Best And The Bizarre That Happened In News This Week

‘Allo you all there!

This week the world got its fair share of happiness and heartbreaks, heavily dosed with what seemed like a twist of sour lemon added in a sweet lemonade of world affairs. While the world winced as Trump wrecks ideological havoc on American media, all was not quiet on the Indian front either.

Let’s take a quick recap at all the quirks that piqued our interests this week.




Yes, we were thinking in capital letters this week. We’re that thrilled. Revenge is a dish best served through surgical strikes. When you test our defenses too bad Pak, we will show what offense looks like. Thank you Indian Army for your service to this nation. This one’s for you.

Jai Jawan!


The University of Ghana is Getting their Mahatma Gandhi Statue Shifted Away.


Some people have extreme objections to his racist identity, so they are shifting away the idol to a ‘safer’ place. The professors and the students on the campus don’t quite like him.

Ah… Safer as in the Sahara or the Indian Ocean?


A Hindu Man Can Divorce His Wife On Grounds Of Cruelty If She Compels Him To Separate From His Family.



Is that valid the other way around? Because the Supreme court seems very eager about the husband’s elderly. What about the wives? And by the way, can the society please stop lecturing on moral obligations of a wife? What happens to her elderly parents?



Some Celebrities Issue Statements of Concern Over Uri Attacks, Which Were Better Left Unsaid. So, The Others Didn’t.


Om Puri, Fawad Khan, and others… When you have nothing really important to say, just keep your opinions to yourself. We do understand that you want peace and wellbeing for everyone, but we do not understand what you say! Nor want to. So well.


13 Year Old Aradhana Dies After Fasting For 68 Days For Jain Rituals.


Excuse me, 600 Jain people from Hyderabad who attended her funeral hailing her as a goddess, calling her ‘bal tapsvi’: weren’t you NOT supposed to kill anyone on earth?


*Copy Pasting* “Fox News reporter tells viewers ‘your kids are going to die’ in Hurricane Matthew warning.”

(Scoop courtesy- Bloomberg)


Like really, we know how bad a hurricane that killed  over 800 people in Haiti can be, but weathercasters are not the new-age Plutos. Considering that it is necessary to evacuate certain areas, could we please spread awareness, and not panic?


Hungry for more? Come back next week! Same time, same place, same sass. ;)

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