The Pogba Problem: How Can Manchester United Make The Most Of The World’s Most Expensive Player

Paul Pogba hasn’t had the best of starts since his return to Manchester United under a manager known for his grinding approach to the game. But this problem can be solved. How? Let’s find out :

Jose Mourinho is renowned to furnish new talent and help the existing superstars do even better (albeit some high profile feuds) but you can’t undermine his managerial skills when it comes to big clubs.

The Special One brought back The Prodigal Son back to United and so far, Paul Pogba has often looked off pace and rather unsettled in his role.

He’s being played in a 2-man holding and deep playmaking role alongside a person who’s equally incapable for the same, Mourouane Fellaini.

With Mata playing in a number 10 and with Rooney occupying a similar role at times (now he’s being dropped), Pogba has struggled to make an impact and has failed to justify his price tag, regardless of the manager telling him not to worry about it.


Pogba has been called Pogboom for his explosive style of play at Juventus and his dynamic gameplay, where he surges forward with the attackers and puts in late runs into the penalty area, in addition to taking accurate and powerful long-range shots at the goal.

During his time at Juventus, Pogba played in a strong midfield alongside Arturo Vidal and Claudio Marchisio, who allowed him to express his full abilities.

Pogba in his Juventus days, where he became a dominant force.
Pogba in his Juventus days, where he became a dominant force.

This ability of Pogba has seen a huge period of dormancy ever since he has come to Manchester United except the match against Leicester City, where he was made to play in a free role in which he excelled and also secured a Man Of The Match Award.

The only main changes made to that squad were also the most significant : The enteance of Ander Herrera into the starting line up and the exit of Wayne Rooney.

Rooney was relegated to the subs bench and his (alleged) free role was occupied by Paul Pogba, who made the most of it and revelled in the role of a free playmaker, much similar to his position at Juventus.

If he’s played continuously in the same position, he undoubtedly has the talent to excel in it and become the next superstar player for United ever since Cristiano Ronaldo (who left for Madrid), the old Rooney (whose new version is not even a shadow of his old self) or for a brief period, Robin van Persie (who left for Turkey).

The long legs of Pogba, attributed with his abilities to play as a dynamic box to box midfielder and threaten from long range can be amplified times 10 if someone like Herrera is played with him in a deep role, to allow the sound Frenchman exhibit his pace and bravado on the attacking moves.

Mourinho needs to develop the game around Pogba and not hope for him to somehow adjust to the gameplay in the Premier League.


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