Parrot’s Flirtatious Comments Almost Caused A Husband To Be Arrested

There are many reasons to why you should keep a pet in the house. Some keep them for security, some for company. One more reason to add to the list is, to keep your spouse faithful. Funny? No, I’m serious. A man in Kuwait was almost on the way to be arrested after his alleged affair with one of the housemaids was exposed by his pet parrot.

The parrot kept repeating flirtatious comments in front of the wife who then decided to lodge a complaint at Hawally Police Station in Kuwait against her cheating husband.

The wife also suggested the police that she had been suspecting the man of doing things oddly. So in case you own a parrot and you act odd, there’s a chance that your wife might be thinking that you’re cheating on her.


“He was astounded and acted anxious when he came back home from work and the parrot went on with the flirtatious comments”, said the wife to the police.

Infidelity is considered to be highly illicit in Kuwait. Not only is it frowned upon, the husband could suffer a potential jail sentence for more than even a year.

Imagine if the parrot heard the conversation on TV somewhere. Yeah, the poor hubby never saw the horrible affair allegation coming.

Even though the case is surely one of a kind, the Kuwaiti police denied to lodge a complaint in the scenario. The arraignment officers explained that the case couldn’t considered an instance of wrongdoing because of the absence of dependable confirmation.

Moreover, it couldn’t even be conceded in court, as it’s not possible to prove that the parrot had not heard the personal discussion on television or radio.


Alright! Now it makes sense. The rise of infidelity has been cited as the number one reason for divorces happening in Kuwait right now. Extramarital affairs are not hard to come by, but distinguishing between the liars and the innocent is a daunting task.

Suspicion on the spouse on the word of a pet does seem a bit mad but of course, there’s a good chance it might be true. The Kuwaiti law over adultery punishes to the guilty, to temporary imprisonment. And, in this case, the reason justified by the Kuwaiti police is definitely a logical one.

Maybe the wife has to spy on her husband more to come up with a more ‘credible’ proof as to justify her allegation over her husband’s infidelity.

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