Modi Effigy Burnt At JNU Proves How Much JNU Students Love Jails


You know Dussera has arrived when you hear news of Raavan effigies being burnt, of a stampede during that effigy burning or some other random shit happened because people are not very good at taking care of the surroundings as performing a ritual is more important than being alive.

Well, this year JNU students burnt the effigy of PM Modi because inviting trouble once a year is not enough. I don’t understand JNU. Bhai abhi ek saal toh pura hone do Bhaarat ke tukde wale incident ko. Matlab jail se aisa kya mohabbat ho gayi hai.

It wasn’t just Narendra Modi whose face was on the effigy. The cast of the effigy are as following:

1. Sakshi Maharaj

2. Asaram Bapu

3. Nathuram Godse

4. Baba Ramdev

5. Narendra Modi

6. Amit Shah

7. Sadhvi Pragya

8. Yogi Adityanath

9. JNU VC Jagadesh Kumar

10. An unknown person idk

Having a decent look at the effigy will make you realize that not much money was spent on the figure. Looks like Congress, these days, is not alloting much money to NSIU. (Might be another scam of Congress, who’s counting tho?)

JNU is now probing the incident and will sooooooooon tell the Indian media why it happened. I wonder what made them take that step. I’m all for Kadi Ninda though.


Here’s Why We Should NOT Give A Shit:

Because we are a democracy. It is not the first time that an effigy having the face of Indian PM is being burnt. This is constructive criticism. (Not confident about the constructive part) This not sedition, not even defamation.

I personally believe that criticism in the time of UPA government was handled with utmost grace than in the present right wing Sarkar. Here are few links which will prove that effigy burning has always been prevalent:

Kanpur: BJP activists burn effigy of Manmohan Singh over Miadad visit

Petrol price rise: PM’s effigy burnt

Meerut saw angry people burning effigies of prime minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi in protest. BJP workers of district unit staged a `semi nude’ demonstration.


Here’s Why We SHOULD Give A Shit

Because it was an educational institution and those are students. They have cracked a really competitive exam to get there. How on earth did they end up learning to burn effigies of their own goddamn prime minister?! Why is it that politics is aggressively creeping inside the mind of bright youth? Special emphasis on the word “aggressive”. It’s not a positive word.

Politics is ruining what classrooms have instilled in the students.

No offence but in my opinion institutions like JNU or any other University should have strict rules regarding polarized political activities on campus. Or if you have some other solution then please shoot.


The left wing ruled JNU is bringing more shame to its name than pride. Maybe that is a conspiracy too, because nothing good has come out of Kanhaiya Kumar yet and seems like a distant reality to me.

An advice to politically brainwashed students all across the multi-colored sub-continent of India:

You belong to that elite class who is given the opportunity to attend a decent University.

You are more educated than half the politicians ruling the world’s largest democracy. Why not act like one?

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