As A Non Earning College Student, This Cafe Did Not Burn A Hole In My Pocket

As a non earning college student myself, I cannot stress enough the importance of relying on food joints which do not burn a hole in the pocket and yet cater to the taste buds. One such café is the Flashback Café.

The Flashback Café, situated in Old Rajinder Nagar (nearest metro station Karol Bagh) is a gem located in one of the most unlikely of places. This café starts service at 7 am sharp and keeps going well into the night and the food is so affordable that you wouldn’t even mind eating out more often.

The Flashback Café.

With all this going for it, The Flashback certainly has the potential to be your next go-to place.


You’ll have to take a rickshaw from Karol Bagh metro station and ask the rickshaw wala bhaiya to drop you off at Andhra Bank in Old Rajinder Nagar. Flashback is directly opposite to Andhra Bank.


Located right opposite the Andhra Bank in Old Rajinder Nagar, one of the best features of the Flashback Café is its ambience. The place has been decorated to feel warm and cosy, probably like home. The walls are decorated with old TV shows’, movies’ and music albums’ posters, hence the name “flashback”, which just adds to the aura.

The staff is pretty hospitable and the entire atmosphere is kind of feel good. The music is also great, their playlist consists mostly of latest songs as well as chart toppers (both Hollywood and Bollywood).


I’ve been to this place a lot of times, so it’s only fitting for me to speak collectively and judge the highlights as well as the low points. I have had cheesy fries, cheesy nachos, baked nachos dish, pizzas, pasta dishes, a variety of shakes, burgers, mocktails and desserts like waffles and tiramisu.

Cheesy Fries, Baked Nachos Dish and Apple Lemonade.


Hands down the food has always been good here and rarely bad, in fact never bad as of my experience.

The Butter Chicken Pasta is to die for and the mocktails here are extremely innovative. Recently when I visited the place I had this mocktail called Apple Lemonade, I have never had something more refreshing than this drink.

The Cheesy Fries and Nachos are as good as the ones at BYD. Although, baked nachos steal the show. The Faddu Burger is absolutely faadu. Almost all the Pizzas are equally good and the desserts actually melt in mouth.

All in all, The Flashback Café has never disappointed me when it comes to food.



Cool music, awesome food, great atmosphere, decoration, value for money and the hospitable staff!


The only meh for me is that they can really work on their speed. The time gap between ordering and getting the order sometimes is way too much.

Having said this, I highly recommend the Flashback Café to anyone looking for a good and affordable place to hog on food!

P.S. : I can only give my opinion, go taste the food and judge for yourselves.

P.P.S. : If I missed out on anything or you’d like to add something, feel free to comment.




Flashback gets stupendous 4.5 stars from me!

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