4 Reasons Why I Feel Sequels Flop

So, I am a self proclaimed movie buff, and generally spend most of my free time binge watching movies or my favourite shows.

Now, when it comes to movies, there are just so many endless movies, that we are truly spoiled for choice.

However, every once in a while, we come across some movies that make us want to watch more of it, and have it just not end.

Then, we realise that there might be a second part to it, and we all wait with bated breaths for the second part to come out.

I know that I have experienced it with many of some of my favourite movies, like The Avengers series, X-Men, Tanu Weds Manu and even *ok, don’t judge me alright* but Kumar and Harold series.


But somehow, no matter which film it was, how big it’s budget was, it’s star cast or any other number of things, the sequel could never really measure up to the first one.

Not saying that there aren’t good sequels, definitely not, there have been those exceptional sequels that have been either as good as the original or in some cases even better.

And that got me thinking, exactly why that was so. In that respect, here I bring to you the 4 reasons why I believe most sequels flop:

 1. New Cast Same Formula:

This is something that I have seen a lot of movies repeat with their sequels, is to have a new cast, but the plot sort of remains the same.

Now, I understand that, following up to a hit movie can be a pretty daunting task, however, if one is just sort of repeating the same storyline of the previous film then it is not really taking the story forward in a real sense, is it?

 2. Only 1 or 2 Original Cast Members:

This could be seen as a continuation of my first point, but another mistake I feel a lot of sequels make is to just bring back one or two of the cast members from the first film.

Usually these are either the one main character or were fan favourites.

But speaking strictly from a viewers perspective, and one is free to disagree with this point, it is not just one character that makes a movie better.

Sure, sometimes one character can make a sequence better, but usually it is the collaborative effect of all the characters in a certain film that make it memorable to us.

In this respect, I feel Tanu Weds Manu really did a good job, in not just bringing back the leads, but all the other supporting cast that we really loved in the first film.

 3. Audience Expectation:

Ok, so the third reason why sequels fails is sort of on us, the audience.

It is completely natural and bound to happen to anything that does well, that we people will obviously expect the same level of greatness in the next part.

And as audience our expectations get so high, coupled with the waiting time for the 2nd part to release, that we have built up the original only to such a high pedestal, where almost anything after that will feel like a disappointment.

According to my observation, most of the times sequels work better of those movies whose original bombed or did not do as well.

Take for example the Captain America series, one did not do so well, while Winter Soldier was a massive hit, then Civil War got mixed reviews.

See how it goes?

 4. The Director:

The last but not the least point towards the failure of sequels would be the director.

This sort of connects to my earlier point about audience expectation, and obviously that would affect the director, which in turn can affect how they make the movie.

Alright, so I might be way off base, but in my opinion, the first movie allows the director much more creative liberty and space to make mistakes.

Whereas the second one is also bogged down by how well the earlier one did and to once again reach that level.

That all results in an anxious mess of a film that is just sort of trying to recapture the glory of the original film.

So that was it, if you all also have anything else to add, please do so in the comments below.

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