Why I Feel That Youth In Policy Making Needs To Happen Like Now

Alright, from the title, you all might be expecting a very serious and technical article.

Well, it is a little serious, but basically this is just a shout out to the youngsters of today, to just not be so indifferent any more.

Taking in all that has happened in the recent year or so, I have seen this big things going in our country. However in the midst of all this, I felt that that the youth was largely silent, not because they are afraid or something, but because they simply do not care.

Recently on behalf of ED, I was at the Young Makers Conclave, and although the main focus of the conference was making India go digital, there was this one panel, on ‘Why Youth Should Be Part Of Policy Making’ that really struck a nerve with me.

The points talked about in that panel, were mainly of integrating the youth into policy making and ensuring their interest in it.

The panel made up of young people, discussed mainly how much it was needed for the youth to take a better interest in the going ons of the country.


Now, speaking as someone who is not that interested in politics, I am used to just skimming the important news and not really listening in to the intrinsic details.

However, after the last elections, and what is happening in the country right now, I feel that one should not get scared by all the big words that are used in such areas.

That I feel is one of the biggest deterrent towards youth taking any kind of interest in politics and policy making.

But, how are we supposed to bring change, when we don’t even know what to change in the first place.

Sure, we can put up long Facebook posts and rant about all the wrong things in society, but when it comes to actually talking of it in a concrete manner, I feel that most of the young people, don’t really have a clue on the policies that ‘need’ to be changed.

Every day we hear all these big words by public personalities touting the youth as the future, who will create history and all that.

In order to do that though, first we must educate ourselves and be able to counter all the wrong doings of society.

Signing off, I would just to emphasis that even if this might seem like a long rant, or just a lecture to some, however, I truly believe that in order to do anything, the youth definitely needs to participate in policy making and other such areas which will in the coming years, affect us only.

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