Headlines From This Week That Were Funnier Than The News

Lots of news happened this week. Some were funny and some were more than funny.

Here is a compilation of all the news piece I found funny and why I found it funny.


#AppleEvent happened this week where iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus were released.

And of course the wireless earbuds.

So smart of Apple. Now, no more tangling of wires inside your pocket.

Instead, you’ll have to check your pockets every now and then because it could easy get lost. But no problem you could buy another set because you are filthy rich, you proud and disgusting owner of iPhone 7.


On a totally different note, iPhone 7 plus has 2 cameras. Haters gonna say it is copied from HTC One M8.


Coldplay announced their Mumbai concert planned for November this year.

People lost their shit after rumours saying that the tickets will start from 25k made news. However, the tickets are free of cost but one will have to do certain tasks for it.

Waiting for chain messages like “Forward this message to 12 people and you will get a chance to win Coldplay tickets.” #Hopeisatrickythingafterall



Daldykan river in Russia turned blood red.

“Uh kids these days, they get red faced so easily.”


Kapil Sharma tweeted to NaMo alleging corruption in the BMC. He wrote: “Kya ye hai apke achhe din?”

It sounded more like “Ye hai tumare Achhe Din? Tu Roadie banega BC!!”



Indian Railways is the new Uber. 

Introducing the same shitty soiled and filthy trains but COSTLIER, AF.  #SurgePrice



So go, be foolish till we meet the next week.

Image Credits: Google Images.

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