Living life on the edge is definitely the new cool these days, but securing a future is definitely not uncool! To all the freshers! No, not college freshers (you guys are going to have the time of your

But the ones who are freshers in life. The ones stepping out of the protective cocoons of their homes, on their way to build their careers and a future that offers them some security.

We definitely live in an age where impulsiveness and spontaneity is looked at with dreamy
eyes. Taking risks is one thing, but they do not have to be all mindless and impetuous.

This is the time in your life probably when you begin to take care of your bills, food, rent etc. You will hopefully have good money of your own and may have a family to look after (even if not, then you got to look after yourself).

Therefore, indeed it is a good idea to secure your life with insurances. Notice how I wrote ‘insurances’ and not ‘insurance’.

So I wish to highlight a list of insurances that you could (and should) use for your benefit!


Since most of are opting for our own start-ups these days, this information might come
handy. One does not need to disturb any major career plans for this. This is meant to protect your business against loss due to theft, fire, any sudden unforeseen accidental damage.

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Your come back place should never be subjected to vulnerability. This insurance can offer
protection to both your house’s building and even the contents of your home.


This goes without saying. There are various benefits you get out of health insurance for
yourself and your family. They cover your hospitalization expenses from accidents,
emergencies etc., and even offer you other benefits like maternity cover.


To secure your beloved vehicle from the impact of any kind of unwarranted event or
accident, it is essential to avail motor insurance policy. This policy will pay for the repairs in
case of damages incurred due to unpredictable accidents.


Yes, a variety of insurance policies are in line with a new way of life where almost everyone
wishes to travel the world. And indeed we need to. The best kind of experiences we get are
from our travel diaries. A travel insurance is the best safeguard for all your international
journeys. It offers financial reimbursement in case of medical emergencies, loss of
belongings, or cancellation or delays in journey, thereby safeguarding your experiences from being ruined.


So get set on Google baba and buy yourself some insurance goodies this year! ;)

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